Portable Power Saving GMRS Radio For Family Vacations

A weekend is coming! How about starting a trip with families? You and your family can load up your days with scenic hikes, hanging out, shopping at vintage stores, go to kid-friendly golf courses. It’s important to keep in touch with families in your trip because who knows where your family members will wander to. I highly recommend the Retevis RB19P, a portable power saving GMRS radio for family vacations.

Unique Appearance

ultra thin-portable radio
ultra thin-Portable power saving GMRS Radio

It looks like a smart phone but more mini than phones. It is smaller than an adult’s palm, which can be held by a 12 years old child. RB19P is thinner than other ordinary radios, which is even as thin as the thickness of your phone with the case installed. On its surface, there is a UV lacquer coating, which creates a glossy protective film resistant to the harmful effects of light and to scratches.

simple screen display
simple screen display

The screen display of RB19P is 1.7 inch. Just like the above picture, there are some types of screen display, which are easy to know the meanings because they are very simple and vivid.

VOX Function

VOX function-portable radio
VOX function-Portable power saving GMRS Radio

This function can be voice activated so you don’t have to press the PTT key. Just put it in your clothes pockets and feel free to hang out. The VOX function has 9 levels, according to the outdoor scene, you can switch the appropriate sensitivity level. The higher the level, the higher the sensitivity, which can accept the weak signal of outdoor.

Battery Power Saving:

If there is no signal or operation,the radio will reduce its power consumption.  When the channel is unoccupied or has not been in operation, the battery power-saving function will be activated.


This function has two selections: “normal signal” and “special signal”. When transceivers in your family are programmed the same frequency with the same CTCSS and special signal, it can avoid the signal interferences from the other transceivers. But please note that it is valid only when you program the CTCSS on the channels.

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