How to programe RT95 mobile radio?

RT95 is a Dual Band Transceiver Mobile Car Radio, US frequency VHF is 144-148MHz,430-440MHz,and EU frequency VHFis 144-146Mhz,430-440MHz.200 programmable memory channels.maximum power 25W.Today,let us how to programme RT95 mobile radio?


Prepare steps:

Step 1:Please download and install RT95 software in RETEVIS official website


Step 2:Install again the RT95 driver in downloaded RT95 software


Step 3: You need a RT95 programming cable J9129A:

Step 4: Connect your RT95 with you PC, using progrogramming cable. Note, RT95 need plug power

Step 5: Turn on the radio RT95

Step 6: Choose the correct communication port
(check in computer-device manager) RT95

Step 7:Choose the correct frequency band(1/3) depond on your demand (US frequency VHF 144-148MHz,430-440MHz,and EU frequency VHF 144-146Mhz,430-440MHz)


Programming steps:

Step 8: Write the date, such as “RX frequency”, “TX frequency” CTC/DCS DEC and CTC/DCS ENC in to the channel one
For example:
RX frequency:146.00000
TX frequency:430.00000


Step 9:Click “Write to Radio”. Then all datas will be save to radio.


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72 thoughts on “How to programe RT95 mobile radio?”

        1. Email is sent to you, please check!
          If any question, please feel free to contact us!

          Best regards

    1. I also have an RT95 and looking to expand to BAND 2. Please could you send me this info

        1. Email is sent to you, please check!
          If any question, please feel free to contact us!

          Best regards

    1. Hi, email has sent to you. Please check and learn how to change mode to band 2. Thanks!

    1. Hello. Email has sent to you about how to working at frequencies of 144-164 and 446. Please check.Thanks!

      1. Martin Roffe

        Hello. I bought this radio station. Interested in working at frequencies of 144-164 and 446? How to make?

  1. is there any information about RT95 *.dat code-file ?
    it’s binary and specific. it works with rt95 programming sw.
    rt95 soft is tiny and small. ther ist no export function such as *.csv export.
    i need a csv- export/import function to handle rt95 device in ms-excel or
    any other soft to do this. CSV impex is basic to go with rt95.
    73’s db7ji

    1. I will make a record of your wish list. If we ass exprot/import function, will let you know. Thanks!

      1. Hi, i would like to have this features too, becaus i´m using cvs.files for managing frequency-lists in other programs for other devices.

  2. Michael Martens

    Hello. I need to set the radio to band 2 for USA UHF amateur frequencies. Thanks in advance.

    1. I need the same thing I want be able to communicate to the retevis rt1 uhf please help

  3. Jose Maria Eduardo Baile Vilades

    Si puedo leer la programacion de mi RT-95 y pasarla al PC pero despues no puedo pasarla a la radio, da error de comunicacion (SetComdatabyOptionerror)
    ruego me informe que puedo hacer

      1. Mauro Comiotto

        I have the same issue; my PC’s port works flawlessly (with Chirp I can program without issues).
        Any hint to solve this problem?

  4. I purchased the Retevis RT95 and am wondering if I can change the default settings to Band 2. I am trying to program the radio for the US Amateur 70 centimeter band. It needs to go to 448 Mhz. Thank you

    1. Hi, RT95 is the analog mode mobile radio, so there is no firmware for it, only the digital radio has the firmware!
      Please note!

  5. I bought it from retevis official seller. incl cable. But i can only READ from radio, when i try to WRITE it says ERROR. Just want to change to band 2

  6. Daniel Buszka

    Hallo ich möchte bei retevis rt 95 die freqenzen erweitern wie z.b die freqenzen 136-174 mhz wie soll ich das machen bitte um gesamte anleitung danke bitte um schnelle antwort

  7. Can channels be programmed manually without the cable?

    If you travel and can’t add and save stations on the fly, it’s not really that useful.

    1. hi, we are so sorry for this, this model can not be programmed by its keypad, if you want, you can try the handheld radio Ailunce HD1

  8. Evgeniy Borisov

    I bought it from retevis official seller. incl cable. But i can only READ from radio, when i try to WRITE it says ERROR. Just want to change to band 2

    1. hi, i am so sorry for this, your radio model is RT95?
      when you try to wirte, which error information? if you can make a screenshot, it will be helpful for us to know more abour your problem.
      if possible, you can email me:

      Best regards

    1. hi, first you need to know the repeater’s transmit frequency and Receive frequency, and also the ctcss/dcs.
      Then program your RT95 with the converse value. For example of the repeater information:
      Tx frequency: 433.1250mhz no ctcss/dcs code
      Rx frequency: 423.1250mhz no ctcss/dcs code
      Then your RT95 mobile radio setting:
      Tx frequency: 423.1250mhz
      Rx frequency: 433.1250mhz

      If any question, please contact with us!
      Best regards

  9. Hola! Existe algun circuito para conectar esta radio a la pc y poder trabajar con sstv, ft8, etc?

  10. hi just bought 2 retevis rt95 set it up worked ok turned it of all iam getting it saying put input password in the radio you turn power of with power button plus the function button wont work waiting retevis to get back to me with another radio or a refund 97 pounds stirling so as any one else had the same probelm is it a fault or dose anyone no the password or any ideas what to do cheers dennis manchester uk

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