How to programme RT25 in software?

How to programme RT25?

Retevis RT25 Dual Band/ Dual Receive/ 360 Degree Channel Knob, and with cross-band repeater function, which can make UHF radio talk with VHF radio.

Now let’s go to business, do you know how to programme RT25 when you get a new radio at hand?

Same Retevis radio model no. is with same default settings.
For new RT25, just switch the new radios in same channel, they can communicate directly.

Programme RT25 when you need make some changes:

Step:1 Please download and install RT25 USB driver (USB Universal Driver) in RETEVIS official website
Step 2: You need a programming cable J9124P
Step 3: Connect your RT25 with you PC, using programming cable.
Step 4: Turn on the radio RT25.
Step 5: Now we come to RT25 software interface

Step 6: Choose the correct communication port
(check in computer-device manager)
Step 7: Click” Read from Radio” in “Program” Column
Step 8: Write the date, such as “RX frequency”, “TX frequency” CTC/DCS DEC and CTC/DCS ENC in to the channels

For example:
RX frequency:452.12500
CTC/DCS DEC: 69.30
TX frequency 452.12500
CTC/DCS ENC: 69.30

Finally Step 9: Click “Write to Radio”. Then all datas will be saved to radio.

Need know more about RT25? Please feel feel to write to us, thanks!

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