Quick and Efficient Tool MURS Radio RB38V

Quick and Efficient Communication Tool MURS Radio RB38V. MURS radios are easy to use and don’t require a license for users to operate. All you need to do is purchase a MURS radio, it will offer your quick and efficient communication.

As the license-free, low cost, and two-way communication, VHF band frequencies. Lots people love about MURS. MURS stands for Multi-User-Radio Service. And it is one of the best communication tool in personal and family radio communications. Retevis RB38V is the best MURS radios.

MURS Radios’ frequencies are different from other radios, it only has 5 channels, with the VHF band.

  • 151.820 MHz
  • 151.880 MHz
  • 151.940 MHz
  • 154.570 MHz
  • 154.600 MHz

MURS radio support the PL codes and CTCSS codes

Each channels can be setup with different PL codes( private line code) or CTCSS code. When your two radios with same frequencies, but with different PL codes or CTCSS codes, your both radios can hear each others. So it will make your communcation more private.

Compare with the FRS band radio

FRS band radios with the different frequency, with the range on UHF. Above we talked about the MURS band, with the VHF band.

And as the FCC rule, FRS band radio with the fix antenna, you can not remove or replace the antenna from your FRS band radio, but MURS radio can be changed and removed. FRS radio with the signals better when penetrating into or out of building, but MURS radio’s signal will be better in hills.


Compare with the GMRS band radio

1, GMRS is the licensed two way radio. So if you want to operate the GMRS radios, you need to apply for the license from FCC. But MURS don’t need.

2, Many GMRS radio can communicate through repeater for extend range. But MURS are not permitted connect with the repeater.


Retevis RB38V MURS radio

1, Retevis RB38V is the new two-way radio  from Retevis, it is the MURS band license-free walkie talkies.

2, Comes with the hidden diplay, help you to check your RB38V information.

3, Removeable antenna, if you want to replace a high gain antenna, choose it.

4, Free programming software. We offer the free software to help you program your RB38V.

5, NOAA function. Retevis RB38V NOAA weather alert function can offer you the forcase the local weather, and help you to plan your trip or outdoor working.


Find the Quick and Efficient Communication Tool? Choose Retevis RB38V please.


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