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Do I have to have a radio license in business?

As we know, FRS radios, PMR446 radios, and CB radios are the main license-free radios. But there are some limitations to them, like the fixed frequency band, the fixed antenna, low power, and short distance. If you want to use a long-range radio, you have to apply for a radio license to operate it in law. But what kind of businesses needs a radio license, and what kind of businesses can use the license-free radios?

How do divide the license-free radios and licensed radios?

Power: The high power of FRS radios is 2W, and 0.5W of ddPMR446 radios. But if you have a GMRS radio or apply for a radio license, you can use 5W handheld radios.

Radio mode: FRS radios and PMR446 radios are analog radios, and if you want to use the digital radio in the US, you have to have a license to operate it. But if you are in European countries, you can use a digital PMR radio like our RT40. But most digital radios are licensed radios.

Frequency band and channels: You cannot change the frequency on the license-free radios, but you can program the frequency and channel information of licensed radios.

Functions: You can use licensed radios to connect a repeater for further communication distance, but the license-free radios cannot do it. And the DMR radios can also use private call, group call, and all call functions.

Do your business have to apply for a license?

If you are a small store or business, you can use the license-free radio. The communication distance of FRS radio is about 1-1.5miles, so it is enough to cover the workplace.  RB46 skid-proof commercial radio.

However, if you are a family business or ranch, the GMRS radio is the best communication tool for you. According to the FCC, the GMRS can be only used in families, but if you have an old GMRS license, you can still use it in business. Applying for the GMRS license.

If the license-free radio cannot cover your workplace, your business is better to apply for a radio license for a long-range radio. Like our RT81 radio, RT29 radio, and HD1 radio, the communication range is longer than 4+ miles, and if you connect to a repeater RT97, the range can reach more than 10 miles.

And if you are a chain business, the POC radio is a good choice for communication and dispatch. POC radio like RB21 is working on the network and based on cell phone services. So, there is no range limitation in the country. And the management platform and dispatching center can help managers build an organizational frame. And managers can publish the broadcast, emergency news, or locate the devices.

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