Racing radio-More options for racing teams

Thanks to the characteristics of efficient and open communication, two-way radio has become the main communication tool in the racing team. The radio itself reduces the noise and matches with external devices such as headphones and speakers, which can make communication smoother.

Mobile radios are always installed in the car.

GMRS radios can be used in the US with a GMRS license. And they are the best choice for racing teams or off-roading team use because they are cheap but can connect to the repeater for a longer range.

RB86 GMRS version is a good radio for racing teams and off-roading teams.

This RB86 mobile radio is a 20W high-power radio, and some antennas can work on it. Check what kind of antennas can install on your radio. And the GMRS mobile radio can also talk to other GMRS mobile radios and handheld radios. Compared with other ham radio networks, GMRS radio networks are cost-effective.

If you are in other countries, the ham radio RT73 work great for your racing team.

RT73 is a DMR ham radio. It can talk with both digital radios and analog radios. It is also a dual-band radio that can monitor 2 channels. The built-in GPS function can transmit and trace the location on the radio. The DMR radio can start private calls, group calls, and all calls. The function can promote the efficiency of communication. Private the calls, another advantage of a DMR radio is encryption. It is an important factor in racing.

For mobile accessories, we can provide antennas, Speakers, headsets, and extension cables. All the accessories can help your racing team work well and conveniently enough.

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