Radio solutions of Control Exhibitions , Public Activities and Rally

If you are looking for a radio that will hold a charge for most of the day , and work in a large convention building or outside activity , and you need it to improve efficiency and control the situation , then you are looking for the Retevis RT21 .

An interview of RT21 true usage experience

retevis radio solutionsOn November this year , we got the Radio Feedback of one of our old customers , They are Chicago Pet Show Organization that from America. They’ve been doing consumer family friendly events for over 35 years and bring rescue groups and vendors to pet lovers. This is the place to show new items and services to help take care of the pet community. And they used RT21 on their big show which garnered 7-11,000 attendees over 2 days . Let’s get some usage experience from them .

Retevis = RV Chicago Pet Show Organization =CPSO

RV : So how you and your team feel when you use RT21 for the first time ?

CPSO : The RT21 was extremely user friendly. We were able to pick up the device and use it right away, without having to read a ton of instructions. We could select the channel, press the talk button, and go! Best yet, with our young volunteers we were able to easily explain the device in a matter of moments, and get to work – without taking up valuable time during the event. We would highly recommend the RT21 to all ages and abilities.

RV : What about the battery ? Did it work normally ?

CPSO : The battery held most of the day . We had all 24 RT21’s running at the event, and they lasted all 8 hours without requiring a recharge. Because they were able to hold a charge all day, it didn’t require us putting in new batteries’ or recharging and taking away from the event during our busiest times. It held strong, all day long!

RV : How’s the communication during your events ?

CPSO : Our events are held in large conference halls with steel beams and concrete, and several booths in between. Even with all this construction matter, we were able to clearly communicate with each other without interference, making our event a professional interaction without needlessly running around the hall to communicate. Thus, saving our energy and creating a seamless event. And because our staff and volunteers could clearly hear our directions, we were able to communicate and execute a professional, seamless event for the public. The RT21’s helped with security, demonstration times, and vendor needs through our ability to clearly communicate times and needs during the event.

Retevis RT21 is coming as the updated version H777 !

And that’s all about the interview . In fact , beside what they mentioned , there are more useful functions may help you work easily . For example —

  • VOX Function — Total Hands-free operation

VOX means Voice Activated Transmit Operation . Generally when you transmit the signal , you have to Press the push-to-talk (PTT) button on radio , but VOX function allows you to start talking simply and directly with hands – free . Because the radio automatically start transmitting when you speak .
There are 9 levels on RT21 VOX function , you need to set it on software by connecting your radio to PC . The least sensitivity setting is one, which is ideal for noisy locations, while the greatest number represents the highest sensitive level for very quiet locations . Better try more to choose the suited level according to different usage environment .

  • Emergency Alarm

It’s a must-have feature at hospitals, mines, construction sites and any other work site where emergencies can erupt . You could set it to a side key by software ,when something dangerous and critical situation happens , Press the side button you set , all the radios that on one same frequency will receive the emergency alarm , then the staffs would have time to organize people evacuate or gave important instructions .

Other functions such as scan / CTCSS&DCS Encode / scramber function and so on will meet all your needs when you organize sth big .

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