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Actual application for Radio’s Dual Display Dual Standby in group activity.

1.At what scene, we need Dual Display Dual Standby radios?

Michael is a security manager in a large public security company. There’re two groups in this company, each group take charge of security work in seperate/different blocks. But both obey to michael’s instructions in emergency conditions. Now, there’s a problem, both groups use radios, in different actived frequency, Michael makes visit between these two groups, but how can michael not missing other teams emergency condition signal, when he adjusted to the frequency in the group he is just visiting?In this circumstance, means when one body need get signal of two different teams at the same time, radio’s dual display dual standby function seems so important and convenient.

2.Retevis Solutions

Retevis has many radio models which have dual display dual standby function, adult radio such as Retevis RT5, RT5R, RT5 RV, NEW RT5, children’s radio, such as RT33.

3.Steps to set Dual Display Dual Standby

Let’s take Retevis New RT5 radio, as an examplenew retevis rt5
Another advantage for setting Dual Display Dual Standby is we can set it by hand, on the LCD display, it’s convenient.
Step1: write the receiving frequencies, which you need receive from both groups
For example: frequency you need receive from two groups is UHF 465.555&UHF 462.275
Step 2:Input 465.555 on the display[menu]11[menu]up/down to choose correct Receiving CTCSS [menu]13[menu]p/down to choose correct Transmit CTCSS
Step 3:Press A/B key, choose another frequency you need receive. Same way to set as point A.
Step 4:in the actived 462.275[menu]7 TDR[menu]up/down to choose “ON”[menu] EXIT
There’ll be a “S” show on the display, so dual display dual standby function set okdual display dual standby

Now no matter group A transmit to you at A frequency or group B transmit to you at B frequency, you will receive it in time, then no important information will be missed.

Wanna know how to set other Retevis RADIO Dual Display Dual Standby function? Please email to! We are always here to discuss together!Thanks!

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