RB15 vibration walkie talkie

In the past, some customers consult us if Retevis has vibration radio, now our  RB15 walkie talkie is released. Many customers need vibration function radio. On some occasions, vibration radio is very useful. when your surrounding environment is very noisy, you need a vibration radio, when having any signals, don’t let you miss anything. Let us see what is the characteristic of RB15?

1. RB15 come with a unique appearance

If you observe all Retevis walkie talkies, you will find RB15 is very different from other walkie talkies. It comes with a display screen, which can directly operate related functions on the machine.

2. Small size, easy to carry, suitable for use for many workplaces.

RB15 is very light, is easy to carry, if you are security staff, or nursing workers that need to use walkie talkies, you can select RB15, to clip on a garment or belt, not too much weight. It is also suitable for use in the warehouse, supermarket, etc.

3. With vibration function, avoid missing information.

The first Retevis vibration radio, when you receive signals, it will remind you, however, doesn’t make too much voice, when you are in a noisy environment, such as bar, it will not let you missing information, or when you work in kindergarten, this warning function will not disturb the children.

4. Other useful functions

RB15 also has many functions, such as Hands- free VOX, TOT, Roger, Call tone,Keypad lock, Scanning, etc, make your use more convenient, meet your diverse needs.

Here is the link of RB15:https://www.retevis.com/license-free-two-way-radio-rb15-rb615-with-vibration

Do you want to check this out of the ordinary radio?

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