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RB17P: A GMRS radio for users from 0 to 1

Users of GMRS radios are believed to have the same enthusiasm for Ham radios, but the design of regular GMRS radios is more in favor of license-free radios. But the RB17P is different and more suitable for the Ham radio GMRS crowd.


RB17P 3 side look

  1. It was designed with a 1.7-inch screen and semi-keyboard to achieve the method to modify multiple functions on radios.
  2. 30 channels with 5 Watt. Users can achieve more call paths and farther distances on the radio. And the first 22 channels are the fixed GMRS frequencies and the last 8 channels are the GMRS repeater frequencies. So, users can connect the GMRS repeater easily and conveniently.
  3. The specific emergency alarm button on the top of the radio, including the local and remote emergency alarm, help users get helps quickly.
  4. NOAA weather FM function, users can receive the weather forecast and weather alarm.

To compare with normal license-free radios and Amateur radios, what are the advantages of RB17P?

  1. The same point of license-free radio is fixed frequency and power. It is not suitable for long-range group communication, because of the less channel and lower power than RB17P GMRS radio.
  2. The widely used GMRS repeater so is easier to connect to a GMRS repeater to expand the communication range for a further call.
  3. If you want to use a Ham radio, you have to know more operation tips and knowledge to program the ham radios. It is so complex for new radio operators, but RB17P GMRS radio has fixed frequency and power, you can only choose or adjust the functions on RB17P.
  4. And the GMRS license is easier to apply for and use than the Ham license. For new users who are interested in Amateur radio, and they can get ready to operate a ham radio.
  5. To compare the RB17P with other GMRS radios, it looks like ham radio, and you can modify about 33 functions on the radio without a PC. And the one key for emergency alarm function is more suitable for adventures. If you are ready to participate in a forest adventure hiking or a trip to Yellowstone National Park or explore Canyon Park near Las Vegas, etc. RB17P is the best choice for you!

RB17P GMRS is the best radio choice from 0 to ham, and also a good helper for outdoor travel. If you have any ideas or questions about RB17P, please leave a comment or email us.  RB17P, buy one, equally get two!

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