RB17V customer reviews

RB17V reviews and why it is so popular

Since the RB17V arrival, many customers are active in this radio, it is a MURS radio that requires a license, durable shell, portable, and comfortable to bring out and use. So, our customers are glad to do the videos to let more people find and use RB17V. So, this blog is about RB17V customer reviews and why it is so popular.

The first video is from a Ham, he introduces the functions and usage.

And the second is from a Prepper, and he thinks RB17V is a wonderful radio for survival.

And I can list the reason why RB17V is so popular for our customers.

  • RB17V is a 2 Watts with 5 Channels MURS radio. It is easy to use.
  • VHF frequency band suitable for longer communication distance.
  • 9 squelch levels to improve the quality of voice.
  • Type-C and seat charging ways to help you charging in everywhere.
  • 4400mAh battery capacity stays at work for a longer time.

RB17V customer reviews and why it is so popular.

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