RB20 PoC Radio Now Available

RB20 PoC Radio Now Available From Retevis.com. The Retevis RB20 is A rugged style Poc radio. With a lots of useful features. Using the cellular network to make the unlimited range communication.

As we know, because RB20 using the cellular network, so POC means Press to Talk over Cellular. Unlike the traditional PMR radio Or GMRS/FRS radio, POC provices instant communication without distance limited. Where has the 2G/3G/4G networks, where you can use the RB20.

The highlights of Retevis RB20 Handheld Poc Radio

1, Simple Operation

Comes with the compact and ergonomic design, so there is no more keys and buttons. Sidekeys can help you to active different functions. Small size makes it can be opearted by one-hand.

2, Clear Audio Quality

With the high Noise-reduction,Retevis RB20 pick up the right voice from noisy bacground. Offer clearer Audio, make your business more easily.

3, Poc management platform

We offer the POC management platform. You can Add or edit your poc radios with different functions. Like add group, add device, add group members and so on.

4, GPS dispatch system

Install this GPS system in your computer, you can make instant communcation via your computer headset. You can track different members( device) GPS location, and track their trails.

5, No need license

When choosing the two-way radios as the communcation tools, we need to consider the license. And when we choose the license-free radio, the communication range will be limited to short range. But POC radio don’t need the license.

Why is PoC radio getting more and more popular?

Now Poc radio Has been widely used in various scenarios including logistics, security, traffic and big events and so on. Also Poc radio offers you the unlimited distance communcation, low cost, without license from FCC/OfCOM. Also you can track the radio’s location and track your members trails in your office.

Retevis RB20 is the handheld POC radio. If you have any queries about two way radio or poc radio, do not hesitate to eamil us on: partner@retevis.com. or complete the form below.

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