RB21 helps you keep track of your graduation trip

Congratulations to the graduates who successfully stepped out of the campus, you are the best! Recently I saw many graduates posted their graduation photos and graduation ceremony videos on social media. I suddenly felt emotional. after we spent an unforgettable 2020. Finally, this year isn’t it a blessing to be able to hold an important graduation ceremony in your life? So next, plan a graduation trip.

Many people choose to travel by car with friends. But as you just out of campus, safety is the top priority. RB21 helps you keep track of your graduation trip.

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RB21 combines the functions of a mobile phone and a walkie-talkie. Users can add devices and accounts on the management system for group management, so that group calls can be realized, such as your friend group and parent group. GPS positioning system can share your location with family and friends. For example, if you and your friends are separated, you can easily find your teammates through GPS. Your parents can also check your location and know your movements.

For speaking, you can only press the PTT button to speak to others, you don’t have to find the contactor in your list, and your voice can record on the management system, you can log in and find the call to avoid losing some important messages.

Does it sound good? You can also receive and transmit the emergency alarm when you or your friends are in danger. So, RB21 helps you keep track of your graduation trip.

You can easily find and order it on RB21 PoC radio

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