New arrival! RB689 licensed wireless radio

RB89 is a GMRRS radio, but it is valid in the US, so RB689 is another licensed radio that can be used in other countries and areas. If you have a radio license, you can operate the RB689 radio in your business and for normal use.

It looks the same as the RB89 radio, with no keyboard, hidden screen, and Bluetooth earpiece in the box.

But a difference between RB689 and RB89 is the antenna. Due to the GMRS rules, the antenna is fixed on the RB89 radio, but RB689 is a licensed radio, so the antenna is removable, so you can switch to a long antenna to receive more calls.

About the RB689 licensed wireless radio

The frequency range of RB689 is 400-470mHz, so that you can talk to other radios on different frequencies.

The high power of RB689 is 10W. The communication range is longer than RB89. You can check the range test off a 10W radio.

There are 16 channels on RB689 licensed wireless radio, and you can customize the channels in the software. And the channel number can display on the screen.

The standard working time is 12 hours due to the higher working current.

To stay safe, please make sure the working environment temperature is between minus 20 and 50 Fahrenheit.

There are a power/Volume knob and a flashlight on the top. And you can switch the channels by the PF1 and PF2 buttons on the left side. To connect the accessories on the right side by Kenwood 2Pin connector.

The advantages of the radio are:

  1. 10W high-power radio. And the default power is 5W. Holding the PTT and PF1 button simulation to turn your radio, the high power can switch to 10W.
  2. The wireless function can connect with Bluetooth earpieces.
  3. A 10mm heavy calibre flashlight can light a large area.
  4. A hidden screen can display basic and important information. It is a good way to help users check the radio quickly and conveniently.

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