RB689 Long Range Bluetooth Headset Two Way Radio

While the new GMRS Bluetooth Radio RB89 is designed for the US users, the Long Range Bluetooth Headset Two Way Radio RB689 is designed for EU users. RB689 adds a new option for people who are looking for the high power radio with Bluetooth function.

RB689 Long Range Bluetooth Radio

RB689 Long Range Bluetooth Headset Two Way Radio
RB689 Long Range Bluetooth Headset Two Way Radio

RB689 has the similar hidden display as RB89, which is the hidden digital tube display. It is easy to check current channel and power status on the display. This kind of display is more durable since it is shatterproof.  It is easy to see the difference between RB689 and RB89 in appearance. The antenna of RB689 is much longer than RB89, since its  length of is 15 cm and it is the removable antenna.

High Power and Long Range

The actual power of RB689 is higher than 5W RB89 GMRS radio, so with high power, the call distance of RB689 in the city is up to 2.5 miles (4 km). Please note that the call distance will be affected by the actual terrain and obstructions.

Pair with Bluetooth Headset

Long Range Bluetooth Headset Two Way Radio
Long Range Bluetooth Headset Two Way Radio

RB689 comes with a newest Bluetooth headset, and the built-in Bluetooth functionality is convenient.  The side keys can be customized to turn on and off the Bluetooth pairing function.

2600 mAh Big Battery Capacity

RB689's Battery Capacity
RB689’s Battery Capacity

RB689 comes with 2600 mAh large battery capacity. If there are no transmissions for a while, the unit will automatically switch to battery save mode. It follows the rule of “5-5-90% ” cycle time assumption ( 5% Talk / 5% Listen/ 90% Standby ). In power saving mode, the radio’s standby time up to 120 hours, while its working time up to 12 hours. It also comes with a sturdy desktop charger station for charging.

Emergency Alarm function

This function can be customized as a side key shortcut by software. You can choose to turn on local alarm or remote alarm.  Local alarm can let the radio send emergency alarm tones, while remote alarm can send the alarm on another radio.

Powerful LED Torch

RB689's LED Flashlight
RB689’s LED Flashlight

On the top of the radio, there is a 10  mm torch. The two side key can be can be customized as a side key shortcut by software to activates the flashlight. It will emit white LED light for illumination. The beam here is wide enough, with such a flashlight you can easily shine on the path at night, or walk through a dark basement.

Dual Programmable Side Keys

RB689's Side Keys
RB689’s Side Keys

On the side of the radio, there two side keys below the PTT button, which are programmable keys. They can be customized as shortcuts to turn on functions, such as Bluetooth pairing, VOX, Scan, Monitor, flashlight, etc.

Wireless Data Transmission

With this function, you can let two RB689 copy the settings with each other without setting them by software from the PC. This function will make  the communication between two radios more efficient.

Other Features:

Scan Function
Monitor Function
Key board Lock
Channel Lock
TX End Tone (Tail tone)
Key Tone (Beep tone)
VOX (Hand-free Operation)
High/Low Power Switch
TOT (Time-Out Timer)
Low Battery Alarm
Power Saving Function

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