Real experience sharing about Retevis RT3S

RT3S is a great DMR radio, it has received a lot of comments since it was launched, here is a user shared his experience with the RT3S radio:
Well, let’s start with the display. It’s large, colorful, and shows everything you need, from frequency to battery level. Even in bright sunlight, it’s easy to read. And the audio? Loud and clear. I’ve never had trouble hearing stations, even in noisy places.

What About Functionality?

Oh, it’s packed with features! The built-in receiver can send and receive location data on DMR, which is super handy for emergencies or tracking friends. Programming the radio is a breeze, and you can program up to 3000 channels. Need more? You can upgrade to 120,000 contacts!

Battery Life and Build Quality?

Solid. The 2000mAh battery lasts all day, and the build quality is robust. I’ve dropped it a few times (don’t tell anyone), and it’s still going strong. The buttons and knobs feel great, and the overall construction is top-notch.

Dual-Band and Compatibility?

Yes, it operates on both VHF and UHF bands, giving you more options for finding frequencies. It’s compatible with DMR tier I and tier II, so it works with repeaters all over the world.

Setting It Up?

Easy-peasy. I had no trouble setting up the RT3S, and connecting with other ham operators worldwide has been a joy. It’s compatible with various modes, including DMR and FM, so you can engage with a wide community.

Ever Tried OpenGD77 Firmware?

Funny you should ask! I did try the Open GD77 firmware, and it added many features to the radio. The installation was smooth, and the improvements were significant. It made the RT3S even more user-friendly.

So, Would You Recommend It?

Absolutely! The Retevis RT3S has been a fantastic companion in my ham radio journey. It’s versatile, reliable. If you’re looking to start with DMR radios or even if you’re an experienced operator, the RT3S is worth considering. I wholeheartedly endorse it, and I believe it’ll serve the ham radio community well.

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