Rechargeable Outdoor Walkie-talkie RT45

Rechargeable Outdoor Walkie-talkie RT45,  there are two versions license-free: PMR446 and FRS

PMR446 license-free for most Europe-countries: 8/16 channels. 0.5w, with CE certification,121 codes (38 CTCSS+83DCS)

FRS licesnse-free for the US country: 22channles, less than 2w, with FCC certification. 121 codes (38 CTCSS+83DCS)


What’s the features of this Outdoor Walkie-talkie?

1, For US and Europe marketing, with the CE and  FCC Certification

2, USB charging: With two in one USB cable, you can charge your two radios at a time.

3, Flashlight: No need to power on your radio, you can turn on the flashlight by right-side key.(below 7th)

4, Monitor: With this function, you can monitor your baby room as a baby monitor.

5, AA Rechargeable Battery: You can charge for them, and take some spare batteries when outdoor.

6, Dual Watch: Radio can watch the Homechannel and another channel. No need to switch back and forth.

RT45 display

1. LCD Display: With the working channel and CTCSS, signal, other features you activated like Monitor, VOX, lock and so on.

2. PTT button: Very comfortable material, easy to Push-to-Talk.

3. Keyboard: Volume/Channel Up/down Button, Call tone, MENU/Power Button, Monitor Button, Select/Lock Button.

4. Speaker

5. 2.5mm headset jack

6. Flashlight

7. The button to open/down the Flashlight

8. Micro USB jack

9. Mic port.

The important is that, this Outdoor Walkie-talkie RT45 has passed the FCC and CE certifications. Wanna know more? Check this video:

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5 thoughts on “Rechargeable Outdoor Walkie-talkie RT45”

    1. hello, so sorry for the delay reply!
      turn off your radio, then press the Mon button, at the same time turn on your radio.
      Then your radio will have 16channels.
      And this way only for the PMR446 version.
      Any, please let us know!

    1. Hello!we are sorry about that the roger beep on rt45 can be disabled for now! and our product team is working on it! If any updates, we will let you know!

  1. Hello,

    I think one of my RT45 has a speaker problem. No beep or any noise coming from it.

    I have performed a reset multiple times and no change.

    Do you have any advice on what I could do to test ?

    Many thanks !

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