Retevis Black Friday Digital Radio big sales

Digital Radio has many advantages compared with analog radios, but because of it’s price normally much higher than analog radio. Many customers choose analog radio, even if they have the requirement for digital radio. In this Black Friday, Retevis will have big sales for digital radio for many models, it will be a best chance to catch, to own your digital radio.

Do you know what’s the advantages of digital radio?

1.Longer range in same communication surroundings
2.Cyrstal tone, much clear in communication quality
3.Real encryption: Most have 16 digits basic encryption and 32 digits enhanced encryption. Makes your communication more safe
4.More functions available: such as emergency alarm, GPS, lone worker , etc.

Retevis Black Friday digital radio models in sale as below:

Retevis RB25:


Retevis RB25 is a UHF digital radio
10W big power, long-distance
Durable Rugged Shell.
NBDR special system

Retevis RT40


1. Retevis RT40 License-free Digital Radio
2. Mini size convenient and flexible
3.Copy wireless function
4. With pedestal charger and USB cable

Retevis RT52


1.RT52 is a licensed DMR radio.
2.VHF&UHF frequency dual band
3.Dual PTT keys simplify call operations
4.Lone worker function available

Retevis RT53:


1. Retevis RT53 UHF DMR Radio 400-470mhz.
2. Simple and Easy to use
3. Decently priced can be used for business or family.

Retevis RT54:


1.Retevis RT54 Detachable speaker
2. High sound quality
3.UHF Full-Frequency Radio
4.Digital and analog compatible

Retevis RT72:


1.SMS function
2.High sound quality
3.Manual writing-frequency
4.Alarm function
5.Digital mode supports the use of relays

Retevis RT81

1.UHF digital walkie talkie
2.10w big power, long-distance
3. IP67 professional waterproof


Retevis RT83:

RT83 is a DMR business radio, a clearer voice for users.
IP67 waterproof and dustproof can be used in wet and dust workplaces.
The screen and keyboard can help users using more convenience.

Most of above models, we ship from Local overseas warehouse, if you have anything interested in, please feel free to email to, thanks!

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