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Retevis Customer Radio Story — RT3


Hi to everybody . Here you can see we specially opened a Radio Story Column. It is for helping you know better of our radios and get right ones you need . So we gonna interview the customers who have our Radio Usage Experience, and also would like to share it to all . Then please note —
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Guest : Ypatios Varelas        Country : Greece          Radio Model : RT3

Briefly Ypatios Varelas is a ham from Greece , Firstly we knew him is about months ago , he participated in our Labor Day Activity on Facebook Page , Used this photo to win the first prize — Won the RT21 and Programming Cable .


                                                 Using Retevis RT3 to communicate while checking old antennas installation


Later we invited him to our official group . In this group ,we found he always share his suggestions about how to use radio better and help others for technical support . So here we Retevis Team really wanna say Thanks to Ypatios Varelas and more people like this . By the way everyone could join us if you could be nice to each other as premise .We’re waiting for you to have fun in the group.

The following let’s start our Interview of Radio Stories .


RT = Retevis YV = Ypatios Varelas

RT : Hi Ypatios Varelas . Good day to you . And guess we could just go straight to the point now ^.^

YV : Yes , sure . Good day to you ,too . Well , my first Retevis radio was an RT3, bought in Spring 2016. I was searching for a cheap but reliable DMR radio under $150 to start playing with this digital mode as a radio amateur (licensed ham radio operator), since I have special interest in digital communications.

RT : So you are a ham right ? How do you like it when you first use it ?

YV: Yes . I have ham radio operator license and my call sign is SV1QZC . My first use was to talk to colleagues through our single local DRM repeater and was surprised to see how easy, clear and reliable the communication can be with this radio. My only difficulty was to understand how to program it, but after I got myself more familiar with the DMR standard and how it is implemeteurs when they start a conversation without worrying about the battery. I have also purchased a second battery, because when using it frequently during the day and not switching it off, especially if transmitting frequently, the battery drains fast. In the field during a long day/night a second battery is definitely needed. Actually I am now using my second RT3, the one I won as a prize and have given my first one to a colleague who is also happy with it, as far as I know.

RT: Yes ,we remember we sent you an RT3 as the award . We are still very impressed by your performance for the #ActivitywithAward1 on the Retevis Facebook Group . Your review are really great and helpful . And you won the vote ,so the RT3 award is what you deserved .

YV : Thank you .I now keep my RT3 it mostly on my shack, continuously connected to a DC power supply via a battery eliminator so I preserve the battery for field operations. This way I can leave it on for many hours and catch my fellow radio amateurs when they start a conversation without worrying about the battery. I also found that RT3 is good for analogue communications, because of the crisp sound and the above average quality of the receiver, so I used it for analogue QSOs as well. I have also been using it as a secondary or “backup” analogue transceiver during events covered by our local ham radio club (where I participate as a volunteer), having it on standby in case my main radio fails or to monitor a different channel. It definitely meets my needs, but still I haven’t used all of its functions. The two things I am missing are: A VFO so I can spot simplex transmissions and an easier way to program frequency without using a computer. I would also like a more user friendly programming software.

RT : So your suggestion to RT3 is better add the VFO function and design a easier use Programming software ? Got it . For now we just made it have extra GPS function .Yes we made a GPS version of RT3 . About other more functions, It is a hard work for changing the design , so maybe the better one is always the next one . Let’s expect the next ,lol .

YV : Yes , hope everything gonna be better .

RT : Thanks for your time and share , how pleasant to talk to you .

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That’s all about this time Retevis Radio Story , see you next time .

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