IP67 Waterproof Dustproof DMR Digital Radio

Retevis Digital Radio RT8 coming !

The user of DMR are getting more every day , great interest . Digital radio makes a revolution on the market in Germany  ,Italy for DMR mode because Motorola and Hytera are very expensive , too much for entry in new technique for many people .

Now we can win the market very easy because you have both , Technique of DMR as made in the RT3 handheld .Hardware case by one of the FM mobil modelslike the above mentioned.

And now , RT8 SHOW TIME !!!

a9115a-_250__1 a9115a-_42__1 IP67 Waterproof Dustproof DMR Digital Radio

waterproof digital radio RT8IP67 Waterproof Dustproof DMR Digital RadioIP67 Waterproof Dustproof DMR Digital RadioIP67 Waterproof Dustproof DMR Digital Radio

NEW DIGITAL RADIO RT8 has started to sell this month, thanks for Retevis funs’ support . Start big sell it ~ many customers asked the difference ,RT2,RT3 and RT8 ,so i do the analysis as below.

1, I see the RT3 has encryption ability. Does the RT8 have that also?

—Yes, RT8 has Encryption ability.

2.Does the RT8 have abilities that the RT3 does NOT?

—Yes,RT8 has GPS and IP67Water proof,dustproof.

3.Can I use longer antennas -Like the Nagoya on these? (RT3 + RT8).

—Yes,u can choose all SMA-M connection.

4.Is the RT3 better than the RT2 ? both with GPS option ?

—RT3 and RT2 are different digital radio,they has their own advanges, RT3 is DMR gidital radio,can be work with MOTOROLA .RT2 is DPMR and has GPS function.

5.I want to get the model RT8 with most functions and power.

—RT8 has most function ,IP67 waterproof,Dustproof, crash proof unit, larger battery capacity 2200 Mah,GPS ,can be tracked on computer,with a waterproof earpiece,Work with Motorola digital radio.Encryption function, 1000 Channels,DMR.

6.I will be buying 8 extra batteries for any radio pairs I buy

—We have extral batteries for RT2,RT3,RT8. And we can provide extral accessories from our factory directly.

7.How much is the battery capacity on RT2,RT3 or RT8 ?

—RT2:1800 Mah , RT3:2000Mah. RT8:2200Mah !

Any other questions about NEW digital radio RT8 ??? pls don’t hesitate to leave your comment !!!

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14 thoughts on “Retevis Digital Radio RT8 coming !”

  1. Hi,

    I was just wondering where I can find the GPS tracking software for these radios. Also do I need any additional hardware for the computer or can I just connect a spare radio?


  2. Pavel Kalinin

    Volume control is the same as flimsy version of RT- 3 ? easily turns – not as the more expensive brands such as Motorola ? And because of that the battery latch is made plastic or metal bottom , looks like it is not reliable and in which case is it possible to buy it separately ?

    Today was holding a model RT- 3, and the volume knob terrible and even from accidental CONTACT A twisted in any direction on the Motorola GP340 and Yaesu VX-8DR this is not even on Baofeng UV- 82 was better handle

    If you can please reply to mail sybereks@gmail.com

    1. No dear,Pls use the officially designated firmware to each different type radios in order to avoid occuring system error.

  3. Can I use the GPS function shown in MGRS and send my position manually or frequently at the QRG where I am?

    1. About RT8 GPS function,After the GPS positioning information on the machine shows: longitude, latitude and satellite data
      Positioned by Beidou positioning system ,It shows the coordinates of the Big Dipper,Instead of sending GPS information by QRG
      But sent via SMS. Hope to help u .

    1. Yes, just make sure it is under analog mode when you communicate with analog radio.
      Sí, sólo asegúrese de que está en modo analógico cuando se comunica con la radio analógica.

  4. Can the RT8 have both analog and digital channels in the radio? Also will the radio change to either analog or digital modes when changing channels or does it require manual changing of the mode first?

    1. RT8 has both analog and digital models in the radio ,when changing to the other model,you need to set it on software firstly.

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