Retevis H777 compare with RT7

Retevis H777 compare with RT7

Let’s we check the Retevis H777 compare with RT7, this two radio is very deeply loved by the majority of users. But where is the difference?

Retevis H777, SKU: A9104A,

Much people love it, that because:
1.It’s function can meet the must requirement and is easy to operation.
2.It is one kind of old model, a lot of people approve of this model.
3.It is appropriate for commercial radio.
4.Applicable scene also is very extensive, like Hotel, Camping, Construction site, Sports meet, Stage worker, Bulk storage,The security team, Petrol station, Church, School and so on.

Let’s we check the H777 Function:
1. Single band, Single frequency
2. Frequency Range: UHF/400-470MHz
3. Memory Channel: 16 CH
4. CTCSS/DCS function
5. Built-in Led torch
6. Low battery alarm function
7. Power saving function
8. Chinese and English voice prompt
9. PC software programmable
10. Color: Black
11. Weight: 360g
12. Dimension (L×W×H): 60×33×115 mm(Not Antenna)


Let’s we check Retevis RT7, SKU: A9111B:

RT7 is the upgrade version of H777, so the RT7 have all the function of H777, difference at:

1.Quality is more stable than H777.
2.It is more portative than H777. Appearance is more nice.
3.RT7 have VOX function, after set up, do not need press PTT, can communicate.
4.RT7 also have FM Radio function.


After Retevis H777 compare with RT7, Which u like better? u can contact me by Welcome you by any time. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Retevis H777 compare with RT7”

  1. I have 10 h777 radios and some of them are stopped emitting sound, like if the speaker was in trouble? What can I do?

    1. Hello,

      Please plug in an earpiece, if you can hear with earpiece, probably it’s radio speaker has problem. Could you please tell me your order ID and your order from Amazon, ebay or official web, so we can check the warranty for you. Thanks.

      Best regards,
      Elsa Jin

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