Retevis Helps the Scouting Cub with Communicate

Retevis Walkie talkie helps the Scouting Cub.

Last week, our friend from UK,James Preece helped the Scount:6th Staines Scouts about the communicate.

The scouting cub have many outdoor activities,and the members are little kids.So how to build the communication with each other ?

So James with his team, came to help them to solve the question.They teach how to use the walkie talkie and moblie radio,and let the kids to operate the models one by one.

All the Scouting memers were so happy , at the end of the class,all the scountings got the Cub awards.

At last,Group photo of all the children scouting with communicators badges.

We used the model Retevis RT90,it is a digital Mobile Radio.So if for Scouting, we suggest the model children walkie talkie.

Because all the children walkie talkies are license-free radio, Want to know more ,please click here:Retevis Children walkie talkie

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