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In daily work, a walkie talkie is more practical than the mobile phone, based on the investigation, a mobile phone may not be the best option for communication on the job site. Compared to a large walkie talkie, some customers much prefer light-weight walkie talkies. They think light-weight radios are easy to carry, if you need to carry a walkie-talkie for ten hours every day, the portable machine will reduce your burden. Some customers did consult them if you are security or cleaning staff, or need to carry a radio to hiking, you can consider light-weight radio.

Retevis has some light-weight walkie talkies, such as RT22, RB18, RB15…let me introduce to you one by one.

1. RT22 license-free walkie talkies

RT22 is a small size, is the best-sell radio, many customers like its appearance.

2. RB18 license-free NOAA radio

The weight of RB18 is just 133.5g(include the battery, belt clip), it is NOAA walkie talkie, has 10 NOAA channels, carry it when hiking, you will know the weather changes in advance, you can do more comprehensive protective measures.


3. RB15/RB615 with Vibration

RB15 also is very small and exquisite radio, it has vibration function, active this function, will not let you miss any information. Wireless cloning function, no need to write software to complete the pairing, bringing convenience to users. If you are interested in wireless cloning function, here is the link:

4. RB19/RB619 license-free radio.

RB19/619 is Retevis newly released walkie talkie, it has a chic appearance with 1.7-inch matrix diode display, as is shown:

5. RT15 Mini USB radio, USB Type-C jack, supports multiple charging methods.

Retevis also has many other light-weight walkie talkies. If you are interested in them, please feel free to email back for discussion, here is our

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  1. Do the RT22 and RB19 walkie talkie compatible and work together? We use a ton of them in our warehouse.

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