RETEVIS Live Preview-Not To Be Missed

Yes, RETEVIS is tentatively scheduled to broadcast live on Youtube on September 18. We are now soliciting suggestions for live broadcast content. We will adopt an attitude of accepting suggestions that are reasonable and acceptable to both parties.RETEVIS Live Preview-not to be missed.

Friends, for your benefit, please leave a message in the comment area.

This is the first live broadcast of RETEVIS this quarter. We will continue to optimize the content of the live broadcast, hoping to show you the live show that everyone loves to hear.

Retevis RT85 Entry Level Amateur Radio
Retevis RT85 Entry Level Amateur Radio

For live broadcast links and content, we already have an outline. We hope that the specific details, discounts, gifts, and methods of obtaining are up to the customer to decide.

For this live broadcast, we will have three types of walkie-talkies for Commercial walkie-talkies, Home walkie-talkies and HAM walkie-talkies. Try to benefit different target customers, so everyone should actively participate. We will also inform you of the progress of our live broadcast from time to time through Blog, Facebook orĀ  Email.

We are serious about live events. We are also serious about the intensity of preferential activities. We don’t spare any effort to give free gifts. So, such a live broadcast is really worth watching.


The directions of our three types of walkie-talkies have been determined, and you can make suggestions for specific models. If you already have a model you like, then feel free to put it forward. The higher the popularity of this model, the most likely it will become a live broadcast product. The more likely you are to get it at the least cost.

Of course, it is also an excellent opportunity for distributors and enterprises to purchase. Christmas is here, intercom gifts are indispensable. You will get the biggest discounts and gifts.

I believe that everyone is as excited as I am. We will continue to update the progress and content of the live broadcast. I hope you can leave a message.

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  1. Hi Retevis Team, look forward to watch the live event, what time on Sept 18th (I’m in Canada, Montreal Time) (-5 eastern time)

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