Retevis Marine Radios

Retevis Marine Radios is a professional radio designed for use on sea, rives, lakes. It has high grade waterproof level, and Channel 16 to make alarm. Retevis marine radios has longer talking distance and can cover a large area on water without obstacles.
Our marine mobile radio: RA27IP67 waterproof, Vibration Water Draining Function, Weather Channel Alarm
The handheld radio:
1, Economic one: RM013w, Dual/Tri-watch Functions, Floating,waterproof+Vibration Draining Function,

Support rechargable  5 x 1.2V(AAA)Battery


2,RA26 : 5w, 88 channel, waterproof+floating, Large screen,10 NOAA weather , Vibration draining function
3,RT555w, Tri-Watch IP67 waterproof Radio+floaring, Vibration draining function,10 NOAA weather
4, High end with GPS version: RM40 :
Built-in GPS, Built-in DSC, MOB Function, IPX7 Waterproof 2 way radio Construction(1 m depth of water for 30 minutes), Floats and Flashes Alarm, Vibration Draining Function, Marine radio stations
Retevis is the two way supplier and export a large quantity radios every year!   We have our own R & D team, we produce new type two way radios every year based on our customers’ newest requirement.
Here is our customers’ reviews:
“Hi there im just writing this to thank you at retevis for a fantastic range of radio’s and I am very pleased with the models I have they are great value for money and very well made solid and very reliable a d I would recommend them to anyone over any other brand. Many thanks Peter”

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