Retevis MateTalk popular products

The Matetalk series is the most popular walkie-talkie series in retevis, and it is widely praised by users for its reliability and excellent performance. This series includes products of various styles and specifications, such as license-free walkie-talkies, licensed walkie-talkies, GMRS walkie-talkies, etc. Among the many MateTalk business & commercial walkie-talkies, the following models are particularly popular and best-selling.



RT29 has an IP67 waterproof rating, allowing it to maintain reliable communications in harsh weather conditions. Whether working in the rain or in a humid environment, RT29 can always maintain excellent performance. Secondly, RT29 has long-distance communication capabilities, making long-distance team collaboration possible. RT29 has a large battery capacity, which extends the use time and reduces the need for frequent charging. In addition, the walkie-talkie also has an intelligent noise reduction function, which effectively eliminates background noise and interference, providing a clearer and higher-quality call experience.



RT81 also adopts IP67 waterproof design. In addition, RT81 supports multiple communication methods, including single call, group call and group call. This makes communication within the team more flexible and efficient. RT81 also provides digital encryption function to ensure the security of communication content. RT81 supports digital and analog dual modes. This ensures that RT81 can communicate with different devices. In addition, RT81 has an anti-fall and shock-proof design. In industries such as industry and construction, we often face bumps or unexpected impacts, and RT81 can withstand these challenges and continue to communicate reliably.



NR30 is equipped with two-way noise reduction technology, which effectively eliminates background noise and interference. It also supports one-click group calling function, which can easily arrange multiple departments to work together. NR30 also uses a Type-C charging interface, providing a faster and more convenient charging method. In addition, the NR30 also has an emergency alarm function, which can quickly trigger the alarm and notify team members in an emergency. This is important for industries or event venues that need to respond quickly to emergencies, ensuring team members can take timely action to stay safe.

NR30 noise cancelling radio


Using matetalk walkie talkies in business is an important step that increases the efficiency of communication within an organization and promotes team collaboration. However, there are many styles of walkie-talkies, and it is more critical to choose the one that suits your business. This requires considering the functions and features of the intercom based on a full understanding of the specific needs and actual environment of your business. In summary, choosing the right intercom for your business is crucial.

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