Retevis New Fiberglass Radome GMRS Antenna

RM 300 is a high-gain mobile antenna made of Heavy Duty Fiberglass, a GMRS antenna specially designed for mobile Radio. This rugged antenna is constructed of durable fiberglass material for use in complex off-road scenarios

RM300 specifically tuned for 462MHz frequencies on the GMRS and designed for mobile GMRS two-way radios. The RM300 antenna uses glass fiber, which makes the antenna more corrosion-resistant, not afraid of wind and rain erosion, and makes the antenna more durable.

The RM300 comes with a spring-loaded bumper mount and is designed to be mounted on a sturdy mount such as a metal front bumper/crash bar. The black bracket can easily fix the antenna to the car. Using bolts instead of screws to secure the antenna keeps it stable even when the car vibrates. Make sure it can withstand harsh outdoor conditions

Strong compatibility, it can be easily used with different GMRS mobile radios, such as Retevis RA25, RB86, RA86, etc. Help your vehicle achieve a longer communication distance.

Overall, the heavy-duty fiberglass antenna is a solid choice for users who need a rugged, high-performance antenna for mobile two-way radios, and its rugged construction, ease of installation, and optimized design make it ideal for off-road and other harsh outdoor applications Excellent choice for the environment

RM300  GMRS Antenna Package Includes

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