Retevis new High Power Marine Radio RM22

Retevis recently launched a new marine radio, its an update based on the marine radios we have, it is a high power marine radio.

Let us have a look at this new high power marine radios RM22

We update RM22 with the following advantages:

1,Clear sound quality, with a 900mW audio output and features a noise-reduction silicone mic, outputting loud voice and filtering out the noise on the sea, make sure you receive clear and correct messgaes.

2,2200mzh battery capacity, support long time use.

3,6W/3W/1W adjustable power, you can have longer range than old marine radios

4,Waterproof and floating functin, it can keep floating on water without damaging the quality.

5,CH9/16 can ask for help when you in danger.

6,Large LCD with key pad, easy to read and edit the functions.

7,Alarm function:you can send alarm sound to your partener and tell them to come to help.

This High Power Marine Radio is VHF, it is good to use on sea or water when you go fishing or traveling, it can have long talking distance. You can choose one as  a good company  in your journey.


Retevis welcome new resellers and OEM brand partners, to realize win-win cooperation, if you are interested in, please feel free to email to

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