Retevis RT40 walkie-talkie is coming

Retevis RT40 walkie-talkie is coming

Now let’s check RT40 walkie talkie’s features together.


1. The RT40 walkie-talkie introduction:

RT40 walkie-talkie is one kind of licence-free which is for meet the European and North American markets requirement, then we developed the RT40 walkie-talkie.

RT40 radio is one DMR digital radio, meet the DMR Tier I standard (licence-free). Fixed frequency point, Antenna fixed, Non-removable, it is completely compatible the requirement of Euro and North American’s public walkie-talkie.

RT40 walkie-talkie is applicable to the Shopping mall, Property, Construction site, Supermarket, hotel and so on small scale’s unlicensed people to use.

2.Appearance design:

(1). Shape is small, Size: 104*55*24mm (not including the Antenna), very suitable for one-handed operation.
(2). Weight just 150g (with belt clip), easy to carry, more suitable for hanging on a belt or in a pocket.


3.Let’s we check the Functional and characteristics:

(1). RT40 Licence-free Digital/Analog Two Way Radio
Digital/Analog radio,FRS/PMR Licence-free and economical DMR radio

(2). DMR business radio
supports licence-free operation according to DMR Tier I,fixed frequency,fixed antenna,non-detachable

(3). Three groups and 48 channels
3Groups with 16 channels per Group,48 channels and 48 contacts

(4). Straight double time slot (DCDM)
Under the Direct Mode Operation, That can talk at a frequency of two groups, improved the frequency utilization, and also can avoid some signal interference.

(5). Communicate concealed
Under Analog mode 51 CTCSS 214 DCS, Digital encryption at digital mode, protect talk privacy, avoid the trouble of frequency.


4. RT40 walkie-talkie, There are two model: let’s we check the different:

Technical Parameters


(sku: A9128A)

RT40 PMR446 DMR TierⅠ

(sku: A9128B)

Frequency rangeFRS 462-467MHzUHF:446.0-446.2MHz
Operating modesDigital and AnalogDMR TierⅠ(license-free DMR)

PMR446 analog

Channel capacity4848
Channel spacing12.5KHz12.5KHz
Battery typeLi-ionLi-ion
Operating voltage3.7V3.7V
Battery capacity1700mAh1700mAh
Work timeApprox 11 hours (analog)

Approx 12 hours (digital)

Approx 11 hours (analog)

Approx 12 hours (digital)

Temperature range-10~55℃-10~55℃
WightApprox 150gApprox 150g


Do u know the RT40 walkie-talkie now? Are u interested in it? Any u can contact me by Welcome, Thanks.

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