Retevis outdoor activity walkie talkies are coming!

Do you like outdoor activities like hiking, diving? Travel can make people feel better and increase their knowledge, as the saying goes, “reading thousands of books is worse than traveling thousands of miles.” When you traveling, carry with a handy walkie-talkie can make your journey more exciting and safer. Retevis newly released some outdoor walkie talkies, let’s learn them together.

1. RT49 series outdoor walkie talkies

RT49 series walkie talkie includes RT49, RT49B, and RT49P. The body color of the walkie-talkie is particularly bright, especially suitable for outdoor activities or outdoor work, if it is lost, you can find it quickly.

RT49B/RT649B is red/white walkie talkie, LAMP-Built-in Flashlight, it lights your way especially for evening or dark activities or unexpected emergencies. Here is the link:

RT49P is IP67 license-free radio with float function, and with the water-activated flashlight. This is Retevis’ first machine with this special design. It floats on water in case it’s dropped into water. And the Flashlight will flash with white led light, so it helps you locate it.

RT49P FRS has NOAA function, before the trip, you can know the weather conditions in advance and take precautions.and with 6 AA Batteries supported, you can purchase it in your local market, no need to worry about not getting extra batteries.:

2. RT29 orange walkie talkie

RT29 is loved by many customers for its high power and large power, RT29 orange walkie talkie is our released outdoor walkie talkie; It is a UHF radio, suitable for outdoor walkie talkies and works, such as hiking, camping and the workers for outdoor construction. The body color echoes the color of the helmet, if you fall into the rubble, you can recognize it at a glance.

Now, do you understand Retevis’ outdoor activity walkie talkies? If you have any questions or needs, please contact freely!

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