Retevis Radio For Construction Site Use!

If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. Retevis Radio helps you work safely and efficiently! Including big company, small business,supervision department, construction sites. They will need walkie-talkies for their work and make their work more effective and safe!

Here are some reasons:

1:Convenience: At the construction site (site and office area),  any walkie-talkie can communicate and receive talk with each other.

2. Fast: the information transmission is timely and fast, which is beneficial to the construction site. Close contact with various departments, coordinate and direct, which couldn’t be better!

3:Economic: The walkie-talkie will not have any call charges like a phone; for the construction site, they need to talk frequently to keep their work get more safe and efficient! Walkie-talkies can save a lot of money for them!

4: Stable contact: the walkie-talkie does not need network support, just press the PTT button, it overcomes the vulnerability of mobile phone communication to geographic location and weather. You can send effective orders to the workers timely!

Retevis Radio RT81 RT1 RT29
Retevis Radio RT81 RT1 RT29

Retevis Radio RT81, RT1, and RT29 are good choices that will never let you down!!!

Battery size: RT81:2200mah, RT1:36OOmah, RT29: 32OOmah, you can choose one depending on your requirements!

long-distance: Those three models have a outpower of 10w, and the transmitting distance will satisfy your needs.

UHF: For U section, it has better penetration on walls than VHF ones, which is perfect using it in the city with high buildings!

Also, the sturdy body of the radio will also make it have a long life cycle!


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