New Enhancements For RT3,RT8 Software

Retevis Radio Frequency Programming

If you are a new guy to contact radio and have no ideas about more advanced settings of walkie talkie . Please see the contents below — a quite comprehensive radio Frequency Programming operations.

I.System Requirements

Operating System :Windows98, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows8
Hard Disk Space: At least 50MB of available .
The minimum memory: 64M

II.Install the USB driver

1.Find the USB drive which your radio suited .

2.Click to install, finish this part with successfully installation  .

III. Software Operations

Programming cable 

1.USB Programming cable – need to install the driver before they write frequency

2.Serial port Programming cable does not need to install the driver,it can directly write.

3.If the USB driver has been installed successfully, the port will be at least 2 port.

Remove the cable, then one port will be disappeared, that is the correct port which we are find, then connect the cable and choose the correct port.

Computer terminal preparations

1.Open the computer, run the computer operating system.
2.Install the write frequency software which has been downloaded well or Install it From the programming software CD
3. installed, and open the write frequency software programming interface

Radio end preparations

1.USB(or serial)Programming cable connect the computer end
2.The USB Programming cable pin is connected with one end of the walkie talkie programming interface
3.Ensure the walkie talkie under the condition of power, open it.

IV.  Frequency Programming

1. Find the software settings, open communication port, to ensure the communication port Option and computer connection port consistent (inconsistent will not read frequency) to solve the related problem.
2. In the menu to find reading frequency and click in the window that appears can reading frequency.

3. This process needs waitting for a while, after the completion of reading the progress bar shows the radio channels and frequencies that have been read into the current software.
4. Modify the radio channel and frequency data, and other functional parameter data.
5. Find the write frequency in the menu ,click the appeared window to confirm , complete the progress bare .
6. if multiple radio needs the same frequency, frequency steps can be repeated to write.

V:Related problem solving

When reading or writing frequency of radio long time no response or a communication error?

1.check the write frequency line to find if it is damaged.
2.check wether the write frequency line with computer serial port or radio interface is bad or loose.
3.Check to find whether the radio battery is low or out of power , if this ,please replace the battery or charging the battery .
4.Check whether the programming software is match with the current model .
5.Please check whether the write frequency software port settings are assigned to the computer USB port .
6.Please check whether the power is switched on the radio .
7.Whether to choose the corresponding drive system and the correct installation.

When writing the frequency is completed, found two radio cannot normal call or receive

1.Make sure whether the two walkie-talkie are in the same channel .
2.Determine the same channel at the receiving end CTCSS, CDS and the transmitter is not the same .
3. make sure whether the two radio ‘ volume is too low, if it is too low ,Turn on the volume .
4. Please check whether the two walkie-talkies are open, or at low/no power status .
5. Check wether The walkie-talkie installed antenna .
6. check and confirm wether the communication distance is too far .

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56 thoughts on “Retevis Radio Frequency Programming”

  1. Ronnie mc grane

    My name is Ronnie ei9ed. I have 3 rt3 portables, I put in a duplex fq. But it transmits on simplex Rx Fq. What am I doing wrong…

    1. Hello ,pls note RT3 itself is simplex radio ,I don’t get how it could get in a duplex fq ?

  2. Dan Galbraith

    Where can I download the software and the radio frequencies for our 2 RT 5 radios. Please email me a link if possible. Thank You

  3. Olivier Boussard

    Hello are theses sofwares and drivers working on windows 10 ?
    I can read the channels of my RT7 but not charge new frequencies.
    thank you

  4. I just got anew RT3. Looks pretty. I programmed it as descibed
    But sorry, I don’t hear any sound from a channel, nor noise!!
    Internal sounds come through. The reeption window shows several bars. So a sound should come up.
    Even the monitor effects no sound, though it should.!
    Do you know a solution or must I resend the RT3

    Thanks for quick answer
    DL9VH OM Volker

  5. Hi,
    Having issues programming my H-777s. Thought was an issue with the cable (Retevis own brand cable), but on getting a second cable still having the same issue. The radio is unable to be read/downloaded, keeps coming up with error message unable to communicate/connect with radio. Have tried on Mac and a PC running windows XP, have also tried using the Retevis software for the H-777 and also third party CHIRP software, but neither have worked.

    Please help trying to makes these radios legal to us in the UK for this Sunday (09/10/16).


    1. We were having our National Day holiday,sorry for the delay reply and hope it is not too late for helping.
      So Did you open the radio power after connecting it to PC?
      Did you have tried on Win7 or Win8 system ?
      Could you please give us some pictures to let us recognize the trouble ?
      Faster way to talk ,please find us on Facebook :

  6. Philippe Delmelle

    I just bought two H777.
    I wanted to change the frequencies.
    The frequencies are changing without problems for the eight first channels.
    No change for the channels 9 to 16,… why?
    I don’t know.
    Can you help me?

  7. I have 40 RT 7 radios to add to a network that is made up of 777 & 888 radios. I can not get the RT 7 to accept programming from channel 9-16. What is wrong with the radios or is there a setting I am not aware of that is causing this? I downloaded the RT 7 software yesterday (Oct 17, 2016) but still have the same problem.

      1. Eduard Gunia

        Hello Zoe,
        same problem here.
        I have the Retevis cable, 2x RT7 and the RT7 Software V1.13 on a x64 Win7.
        I’m able to edit channel 9 – 16.
        But when i write it to the radios and read it again, channels 9 – 16 are empty.
        Is there maybe a newer Software for the RT7’s?

  8. patrick CLOVIROLA

    Hello, I just but 20 RT7.
    USB driver installation OK
    Software installation: semms ok, but when I launch the software, I get an error “coudl’nt initialize COM, Error 0
    Whhy ?

  9. Philip Rosenthal


    Do you have a manual for the programming software? I have 5 RT-5R radios and need to set them up. I like to read manuals so that I can use every feature the best.

    Also, if there is a newer version available to gives better access to more features, I am interested.

    Thank you

  10. Hello Zoe,

    I am trying to program my RT7 radios but channels 9-16 do not save properly after writing new data to the radio from the software.

    Any idea what I can do to fix this? I am on a windows 10 pc.

  11. Hi I have just purchased two RT22 radios is it possible to change the frequencies on the channels so it’s compatible with my other radios if so how is it done please .Regards Simon

    1. What’s the information of your other radios ? Are they analog and 400-480mhz frequency radios that same with RT22 ? If so , you have to know the other radios’ frequencies and set it same on RT22 is ok . About how to program frequency , this blog already told .

  12. I have RT-22 I have downloaded everything program ,drivers,serial port opening failed check whether the serial port settings are correct,Ive gone into my computer and checked all good still keeps saying that 3 hours now to try and program it …Arggghhhhhhhh

  13. Hello,

    I have Installed RT81 USB Driver on 2 different Windows10 laptops and still have “Unknown USB device” message when i connect my RT81 ..

    Any idea ?

    Best regards

    1. Did you choose the COM port ? Did you use the right cable ? Did you remember to open the radio when programming ?

  14. Yes, COM PORT OK, Radio is OPEN,
    i use the RT3 cable to program my RT81 ,

    is it the same ?

    Best regards

  15. We purchased 10 Retevis RT7 radios for a medical care facility. We have licensed frequencies assigned to our location and need to program the radios to those frequencies. It appears that Retevis has stopped providing software for programming. The Software page no longer has a RT7 tab and if I select other TABS for RT8 or RT6 I am given a “page no found error”. The disk that was provided has NO RT7 software on it and it is no longer available for download. Are there any other options?

  16. On my radio I cannot turn off the CTCSS and DCS I have an RT24 I click on OFF and it just goes back to the freq it was on before.

    1. Hello, James

      We tried RT24 software on our computer, CTCSS and DCS can choose OFF. Could you uninstall your previous install RT24 software and try again, see if workable?
      In addition, I will send you RT24 default setting file, pls open it in RT24 software, then click CTCSS/DCS OFF option again, see if ok,thanks.

      Elsa Jin

  17. Hey Zoe I work a summer camp and bought 5 of these radios Retevis H-777 and. I have no idea about frequency channels, programming. Can you help please, my first question is do i need to program these walkies? If so after the prorgamming software is downloaded how do i know frequency to use, or add? I hope you can help thanks for ur time

    1. Hello,Taylor
      1.All new H777 is with same default frequency, just switch them to the same channel, you can communicate directly.
      2.if you want to do some programming for h777, please programme in h777 software
      First download and install Universal USB driver, then h777 programming software.
      3.H777 frequency range is UHF400-470, you can write any frequency within this range. but it’s better to write your local legal frequency.
      4. Relative blog for you checking the programming steps: different model, steps same. thanks!
      Elsa Jin

  18. jr cunningham

    cannot transmit signal RT1 to motorola RDU4100 radios but able to receive just fine. The two purchased RT1 radios will communicate with each other just fine. Suggestions please. Thanks

    1. Hello,

      RDU4100 is analog radio, two analog radios communication, we must make sure both communication channels are programmed with same frequency and CTCSS/DCS. Please check if the programming is all correct? Thanks. (In addtion, moto radios may have some protect policy for other radios communicate with his radios)

      Elsa jin

  19. Programming software for RT48 and RT16 won’t lent me change the frequency and Wide/Narrow mode

      1. So is the RT22 and the software will allow the reprogramming of the frequencies.

        Retevis RT16, On channel 17 the transmit/receive frequency is 467.6000
        and 18 the transmit frequency/receive is 467.6250
        Both are GMRS repeater inputs, they are prohibited on an FRS Radio.

        How can I fix this?

  20. So are several of your other FRS radios and the frequencies can be reprogrammed.
    Thank you for the reply.

  21. We have 20 H-777 and need to adjust the frequencies in order to mach other radios (Motorola TLKR 80). We have installed the programming SW and can read the frequencies from the H-777. But even when we switch to another cell (not changing the current frequency, e.g. 462.12500 mHz) the SW says “out of range 400 – 470”. What can we do or what could be wrong?

    1. hello, you also need to know the other radios( Motorola TLKR 80) setting. Then program the H777 same with them.
      For the problem says out of range, please check the punctuation mark.

  22. Chuck Erickson

    I have 5 Retcvis H777 portables. I can change the frequencies but the Menu settings don’t change no matter how may time I change them and download the changes. When I upload the radios program after downloading the changes the original settings are still in the radio. I don’t understand why the frequencies are downloaded and not the changes to the menu.

  23. im trying to program the retevis rt3s,,,,,with pmr channels im not licenced so only pmr can you advise me on how to do this manually ,,,,my lead doesent seem to work on my laptop,,,,,thnks

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