Two Way Radio Retevis RT24 Programming Information( Two )

In blog Two Way Radio Retevis RT24 Programming Information(One) I have told people how to program RT24. Now I will tell you some new brightness of Retevis RT24 two way raido. Which makes RT24 itself unique among the normal analog two way walkie talkies.

Change Password

Retevis RT24 has a change password. You could set the change password by yourself. The default frequency data doesn’t have this password. If you want to keep your radio frequency privacy, and would like to avoied anyone else to program it without your limit, you could set this change password to keep your radio safety.


Retevis RT24 has Scramble function. When you talk to your partners with this function working on, nobody could hear the details you guys are talking about. This function will scramble the message so that the conversation cannot easily be intercepted. However, this function is not allowed to use in some countries. It depend on the local two way radio community. Please check it before using.


Retevis RT24 has a normal but special function Compander. This function can effectively compress the message to transmit signal , and then transmitted the signal to the receiver, at the receiver side, the receive signal will be expand, so as to maximize the system to improve the signal to noise ratio, greatly reduce the background noise, improve the receiver sound quality. So the receiver’s message is as original as the people sent.
The above functions also the normal functions of analog radios. But some radios only have one of them. Retevis RT24 has all of them together, so RT24 is the special and unique one, it could afford all the needs of license free two way radio.

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4 thoughts on “Two Way Radio Retevis RT24 Programming Information( Two )”

  1. Spec Code is not the same as “DTMF selective calling” found in other analog radios. For DTMF selective calling, your radio will remain silent when there is transmission (with different DTMF code). For Spec Code selective calling, your radio will sound like short pulses of interference.

    Spec Code enabled but Compander disabled = No selective calling as other radios can still communicate with RT24.

    Spec Code enabled + Compander enabled = Selective Calling on Retevis (not sure about different Retevis models) and radios of other brands should not be able to communicate with RT24.

    So Spec Code needs Compander enabled to work.

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