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Retevis RB15 vibration walkie talkie introduction

We know cellphone has vibration functions. When you are not convenient to answer the phone, but you don’t want to miss the important information, you can set your phone to vibrate. Same, walkie talkie also have vibration function. We will introduce Revevis RB15 vibration walkie talkie to you.

If you are accustomed to putting the walkie-talkie in your pocket, you may miss some sounds, with the help of the RB15 walkie-talkie, it will vibrate when receiving a signal, you can focus on the work at hand without worrying about missing any sounds;It is also very helpful for the elderly with poor hearing.

rb15 1

Besides business use, for outdoor activities, like finishing, hunting, you can also use RB15 vibration function conveniently.

Vibration function setting

vibration function

By pressing MENU seven times to enter VI, Press ^ or v key to turn ON or OFF, press PTT button to confirm it.
Besides vibration function, RB15 walkie talkie has many other advantages:
1.Mini compact size: easy and convenient when wearing

compact size walkie talkie

2.Removable swivel back clip
Detachable back clip for easy assembly without screwdriver; rotatable back clip can adjust the position of the walkie talkie for more convenient talking

Retevis RB15

3.LCD Display
Equipped with a clear LCD,you can more easily understand the working status of the walkie-talkie, including the current channel, remaining power, CTCSS and DCS, etc. In addition, you can directly turn on or off the VOX function and select your favorite beep tone by pressing the button

LCD display
If you have any questions or inquiries for Retevis RB15, please feel free to leave message under the post, thanks!

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