Retevis RB27 GMRS Long-Range Two-way Radios with NOAA is coming

Retevis RB27 GMRS Long-Range Two-way Radios with NOAA is a unique GMRS handheld radio

NOAA function and long-range decides to use for outdoor application if you need a GMRS radio for outdoor, Retevis RB27 is a great option

GMRS Long-Range Two-way Radios Retevis RB27

Main features

1. Rugged and pretty body

ABS material and thin body make you enough feeling when you touch it

2. GMRS band Licensed Two-way radios

Retevis RB27 is the GMRS band Licensed two-way radios, with 30 channels, High power 5W Long-range radio

3. Walkie Talkies Rechargeable

Retevis RB27 is a rechargeable two-way radio that can support USB charging. Support Type-C direct charging and charging dock. Very convenient to charge your RB27 when the batteries with low power.

4, Large-screen LCD display

Retevis RB27 with the Large-screen LCD display, help you to check your radio working channel and other information.

5, Dual Watch function

Set another monitor channel by hand and start Dual Watch, one channel displays while you could monitor two channels at once.

6, VOX Function

When hiking up a steep mountain trail with portable two-way radio, keep your hands free to brace the rocky terrain. When Active the hands-free communication, you can keep on moving without stopping to answer a call.

7, Keypad Lock

This function prevents your personalized settings from being inadvertently changed

The difference from other Retevis GMRS radio

1. NOAA weather Radio

Comes with 11 NOAA Weather channels, can help you know the weather in advance

2. Powerful flashlight

It has a flashlight function, which meets with you use outdoor in dark

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