Retevis RB29 Wireless Copy License-free Two-Way Radio

Wireless Copy function walkie talkie Model RB29 is coming. You can purchase from Retevis RB29 is the license-free radio, with the FRS and PMR446 band to choose. It is the heavy duty license-free two way radios.

The FRS and PMR446 band all has 16 channels. Suppot the CTCSS/DCS select, help you to block out signals you don’t want to hear. It is very suitable for users to use in multi environment. Retevis RB29 designs with durability and enhanced features. Also no need license and no cost to use the frequency, so the best idea two way radios for business or family to use.

The important function of Retevis RB29 is the Wireless copy function.

This function very convenient. The traditional way to make two radios talk with each other, we need to make sure the frequencies and CTCSS/DCS are some. So if both two radios are not same, you need to program them, so you need to order the programming cable, and use the computer.

Then download the software to program your radio. For some users, it is very difficult. So Retevis RB29’s Wireless copy function will help you with this. This function can be used for the same model radio. When two radios with the different ctcss/dcs codes, use this function will help you to copy the settings.

The Step about Frequency Copy

1, Press the PTT key and Moni on your radio, this radio we called it transmitter radio

2, Press the same buttons on your another radio( make sure this radio is on the channel 2). This radio we call it receive radio.

3, The LED indicator with green light slowly flash.

4, The transmitter radio press PTT for 3 seconds and release. Then the indicator changes from red to slow flash green light.

5, The receiver radio indicator light changes from fast flash green to slow flash green light.

That’s ok, the frequency copy is finished.

Our Retevis also has other models with this function, like the GMRS radio Retevis RB26.


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