Retevis RB65 FRS Loudspeaker Amplifier for shipping container yard

Retevis RB65 FRS Loudspeaker Amplifier could be a suitable choice for a shipping container yard.
This amplifier is designed to provide clear and powerful sound output, making it ideal for environments where loud audio is necessary

Here are some key features of the Retevis RB65 Loudspeaker Amplifier

High power sound amplifier

RB65 has 10w output power speaker, ensuring that the sound can reach long distances and cover a wide area within the shipping container yard

FRS Loudspeaker Amplifier


Since shipping container yards tend to be exposed to various weather conditions and potentially rough handling
It is important to choose an amplifier that is built to withstand such environments. The RB65 is designed with durability in mind, making it suitable for outdoor use

Easy Installation
The RB65 is easy to install and set up. It can be hung or fixed to the wall, desktop or portable for easy use, allowing you to securely attach it to a preferred location within the shipping container yard

Multi charging methods

RB65 support Type C charging, if you use outdoor, it can powered by 6*5 AA battery(original package not include batteries)

FRS license-free radio

Volume Control

The RB65 provides volume control options, allowing you to adjust the sound output according to your specific needs
This feature ensures that you can set the appropriate sound level to effectively communicate within the shipping container yard without causing unnecessary disturbance

Other featutes

Support FM broadcast, and Bluetooth/TF card playback, making more entertainment in work

If you’re finding a high power sound Loudspeaker amplifier in noisy environments , I will firstly recommend Retevis RB65 FRS Loudspeaker Amplifier
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