Retevis RT21

Retevis RT21 Chinese and English Voice Prompt Switch.

Generally, for the walkie-talkie without a display, we will operate according to its voice prompts. However, due to the wide range of sales of walkie-talkies, sometimes their voices are set to multiple languages. For example, Retevis RT21 has two kinds of prompts: Chinese and English. You can switch voices according to your needs.


The voice prompt of Retevis RT21 has two methods:

  1. Retevis RT21 Walkie-talkie shortcuts:

Turn the walkie-talkie to channel 1, and then press the monitor button to turn it on, you can switch the voice prompt in Chinese or English.


  1. Programming:

You can follow the programming steps,

read the radio to the software, then go to EDIT-FUNCTION SETUP – VOICE PROMPTS ,choose the voice you need.



Since Retevis RT21 is produced in batches, the number of each batch is very large, sometimes causing language errors in the voice prompts of individual walkie-talkies. When you encounter this special situation, you can use these two ways to switch voice prompts.


And the shortcut keys and programming methods for switching voice prompts are very simple and convenient, and you can choose the different way according to your own situation.

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