A great news for the big fans of H777

We’re so excited to invite the big fans of H777 as the first to experience its upgraded version — RT21 ! And kindly note that it’s not too many days for special offer of RT21. Catch this chance and you will deserve a lovely gift from us .

So would you mind interacting with us by answering questions below ?

1.How do you like the appearance of RT21?

We believe Less is More. And we indeed try our best to put this concept into the appearance of RT21 .It’s simple and easy to operate but textured and feels good . It has better quality than H777. It could suffer from one meter free fall, and continue to work without damage .

Retevis RT21 is coming as the updated version H777 !

Also about the back of the RT21 , we designed the radio and battery as they can be charged respectively . Then if you have standby battery,it will not influence continuing using the radio meanwhile keeping charging the other battery .


2 .What’s your ideal Communication Distance of RT21 ?

The communication distance could be effected by lot of factors ,such as the poor battery ,big buildings ,dense forests, bad weather or accessories quality , etc.
RT21’s communication distance is about 1.26 kilometers ,but it could reach 2.1kilometers with an extended antenna (C9030A) for actual testing by us .

RT21 Power testing
Just don’t be disappointed about it ,anyway it is worth the inexpensive price ,right ? And it is enough to use for amateur customers .

3 .Ok , any comments for features below ?

1.Emergency Alarm:Give an alarm in case of emergency .
2.Busy Channel Lock : Lock a frequency , and no call will on this frequency .
3.TOT(Time-out Timer):To prevent transmitting for a long period of time and taking channels .
4.Squelch:Setting it to improve the call quality at different geographical conditions and environment .
5. Battery Save Function/Power Protection Function:Save and protect the battery power .
6. Low Battery Prompt:Notify the user of electricity usage in time .
7.English/Chinese Voice Prompt :To meet the diverse needs of more customers who are in different regions.
8. This two way radio is suitable for the storage, wharf, construction site, tourism, hotel, logistics, factory, etc.
9. VOX (Voice Operated Exchange) function : It makes your hands feel free and adjust the VOX level could control the background noise.
10. PC programming, achieve to set more functions by software.
11.Scrambler Function :One encryption of calling , to prevent others from eavesdropping. One multiple encryption except the sub-audio, analog and digital sub-tone encryption.


Welcome any comments to us .
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18 thoughts on “A great news for the big fans of H777”

  1. Hello, can i switch to low tx power and how much power this talkie walkie can give in low mode ?

  2. How soon till you have a gang charger and extra batteries available for the RT21? Seriously want to buy some but the lack of these accessories makes it difficult to choose this option.

  3. How is the range compared to the h777? Are they different wattages? What makes the R21s the updated version of the h777?

    1. RT21’s communication distance is about 1.26 kilometers ,better than H777 .And it could reach 2.1 kilometers with an extended antenna (C9030A) for actual testing by us .The RT21 Have real wattages as ads showed . It looks lower than H777 ,but works better than H777.

  4. Can you please remake the charger and do it with a external CE certified 230v adapter and only low voltage connector plug to the charger. Or else unfortual these product is not legal to sell in EU/EES countrys.

  5. “Zoe Chen: High as 2.5W and Low as 0.5W.”

    Hello Zoe.
    Our measurements also deliver 2.5W in “Low” mode. (and not 0.5W). With 0.5W, we are allowed to use the devices throughout Europe (PMR446). With 2.5W the devices are forbidden as PMR446 in the European Union. With the request to correct this.
    Thank you very much

  6. Xavier CLAYEUX

    Hello Zoe.
    I am looking for this kind of radio for family outdoor activities.
    – Easy use, no menu setting (setting is done by PC programming)
    – Compatible with PMR channels (0.5W/2W toggle on the radio if longer range is needed)
    – Efficient flexible antena (it cannot be changed on PMR)
    – shock, dirt and waterproof (IP55 or more)
    – Clear audio
    – Possibility to send an audible alarm (like the beep used to open repeaters, can be used to send morse). Is it how “Emergency Alarm” works ?
    – Long battery life (>24h with 95% standby)
    – Cheap enough to buy many (~20€ each)

    Do RT21 fill these requirements ? (not sure for IP and battery life)
    Also, the range less than 2km seems very low compared to the 0.5W PMR I am already using.

    Features I’d like to see on a radio:
    – Vibration like it does on cellphones (triggered by the programmable frequency of the alarm call).
    – Missed call alarm (led flashing after a call is received until it is acknowleded with monitor or ptt). Recording of the last received message would wonderfull but surely too expensive.
    – Charger compatibility at least between same brand models
    – Possibility to fit regular batteries (2* Li-ion 14500 for example) instead of a proprietary pack

    Features I find useless on a rugged ufh:
    FM broadcast receiver
    Scan (unless there is a display)

    Thank you

    1. Which model that could meet most of your needs is RT24 . http://www.retevis.com/rt24-0-5w-2w-uhf-pmr446-license-free-radio/
      1.Cheap enough as you wish , license-free (PMR446 1-8 channel) two way radio . Easy use, no menu setting .
      2.The power could be low as 0.5w ,high as 2w.
      3.Emergency Alarm is for sending Emergency signals on a defined frequency ,this type of feature works only if radio network administrators are trained to program it correctly and workers know how to use it in an actual emergency. It is not for open repeater or send morse .
      4.Only RT6 and RT8 and RT81 are IP67 waterproof and dustproof radios. But they are more over your budget.
      You could open the link I sent to know more details of RT24 . Guess it is the best choice for you according to your needs .

  7. Xavier CLAYEUX

    I plan to stay on PMR or LPD frequencies, analog and most of the time 0.5W.
    So DMR and VHF are excluded from my search.

    Between RT21 and RT24 I see few differences:
    – emergency call only on RT21: not needed
    – max output power 2.5W (RT21) vs 2W (RT24) : not significant
    – battery 3.7V/1300mAh vs 7.4V/1200mA (RT24) : twice more autonomy expected for RT24
    – weight 213g (RT21) vs 193g (RT24) : RT24 has a heavier battery but still lighter => RT21 case is twice stronger ?

    They both meet my requirements except 2 things:
    – IP (IPx6 is not absolutely necessary although one PMR already felt in a river), but rainproof is necessary for hiking and skiing. How these two will handle wet conditions ?

    – Not possible to send a call (beep or some kind of ring tone) by press of a button. I find this very usefull to avoid the call beeing missed when environment gets noisy.

  8. Hey Zoe!

    I have a H-777 and it says the battery is charged, yet it will only turn on when it is on the charger. Then it won’t transmit and keeps saying “power on, one.”


    1. Hello Josie , it seems the battery is broken ,Better find your seller to ask for the warranty .

    1. Hello,

      RT7 has no VOX function, RT21 has.
      RT7 is around 3W, RT21 high power around 2.5W.

      Except appearance, RT7 RT21 no big difference. Thanks.

      Elsa Jin

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