Retevis RT21 walkie talkie frequency updates

The Retevis RT21 is a simulator with no screen, the radio has been programmed to the same frequency before leaving the factory, so they can work directly. At the same time, because of its convenience, it is very popular.

The superiority of Retevis RT21(before April,2018)

The early RT21 frequency same with H-777 so that they can work together directly.

Here is the frequency list for your reference:

Retevis RT21

If your walkie talkies ordered before April,2018, and they can work with H-777 directly.

The new frequency Retevis RT21(after April,2018)

In order to offer you more convenience,we update the frequency from April.

Here is the frequency list for your reference:


The updated RT21 can work with H-777 directly on channel 6,7.If you want your new RT21 work with original one, it also easy to do that, you can program them to same.There is the suggestion that you can program the old one same with new one.

Retevis RT21 RT21 has been updated with the market demand. The convenience of the new RT21 two-way radio is that when you use it out of the box, each radio can work well with each other, just change to the same channel.


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