Retevis RT22 & Toy Walkie Talkie Intercommunication

Retevis RT22 & Toy Walkie Talkie Intercommunication

Today we will share with everyone some instructions on how to program our RT22 to communicate with toy walkie-talkie such as Retevis RT35.

RT22 is a small pocketable walkie talkies.
It has 16 channels, the Frequency range are US:462-467MHz Other:400-480MHz.

Now we will set RT22 walkie talkie:

1.We need the USB driver and software to write the radio;
You can download the usb driver and software on:

2.Connected the software with your computer by program cable;

We set the RX/TX=462.56250, CTCSS/DCS=67.0 in channel 1;

This frequency is according to the RT35, RT22 can be program, but Frequencies is fixed.

Write to radio.

RT35 is a USB Charging Unlicensed Walky Talky for kids or outdoor.

It have 16 channels(446.00625-446.19375Mhz) and 22 channels(462.5625-467.7250Mhz).

121 CTCSS/DCS(121 privacy codes);

RT35 has a small size easy to carry and hold, pure color fashion and lovely appearance, nice touch feeling, kids will like it .

The clip and the battery can be taken out .

Now we will set the RT35.

The factory frequencies:











Select channel:

1.When the radio is Standby, press the Power / Menu button again until the current channel starts flashing on the LCD screen, you can change the Channel.

2.Press the up or down key to select the channel number.

3.Press the Power / Menu button to save the settings and return to the receiving status.

4.Press the PTT-button to save and return to the receiving status.

Now we will choose channel 1.


Select CTCSS/DCS which allows you to receive calls from members of the same group (same mute code) issued, avoiding the same frequency interference from other users.

Note: CTCSS / DCS cannot make your talking content keep secret, it can only make you unable to receive calls from other CTCSS / DCS users.

1.When standby, press the Power / Menu button twice, until the mute code of current channel starts flashing, thus you can reset status of CTCSS/DCS.

Press the up key or down key to select the privacy code. Long press the up key or down key to select the privacy code quickly.

2.Press the PTT / CALL to save the settings. Or press the power / menu button to enter next function option

Now we will choose CTCSS/DCS=67.0.

Then you can test, RT22 can talking with RT35.

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