Retevis RT23: Setup a side key as sub ptt to realize dual ptt transmitting.

RT23 has a lot of functions, cross band repeater, dual receive,dual ptt,360 degree channel,one touch setting same CTCSS/DCS etc. Today i will intorduce how to realize dual ptt.

Most of radios can’t setup two ptt. for example BH-F8HP. When you push ptt, the radio transmit main channel frequency. If you want to transmit sub channel frequency, You need to press A/B button, Change to sub channel frequency, then press ptt. Before you setup the sub ptt, the rt23 can also work as normal radio. through press A/B button to change transmitting channel frequency.

RT23 DUAL PTT -1RT23 provide you another more easy way. make your radio realize dual ptt function.

First, you need to setup a side key as sub ptt by programming software. after it. push ptt transmit main channel frequency. push sub ptt transmit sub channel frequency. Never need to change the channel frequency before push ptt. the vedio bellow shows more clealy about it.

Except dual ptt, RT23 has lots other special functions. More detailed function introduction, please follow our blog or Facebook.

RT23 is a good radio. You deserve it. It will give you a special experience. If you want one, just enter our Amazon store(US). Amazon store (CA).


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