Retevis RT27 USA License-free Walkie-Talkie is coming

Retevis RT27 USA License-free Walkie-Talkie is coming


Retevis RT27 is one kind of license-free 22 CH FRS 12.5KHz 0.5W/2W Handheld Two Way Radio—-USA Frequency Standard

1. Characteristic:
1.Solid shell, Sturdy and durable, and with a compact, ergonomics design.
2.Practical Functions, easy to operate.
3.50 CTCSS 210 DCS avoid hearing on the same channel extra call.
4.RT27 features a time-out timer (TOT) to avoid inadvertent continuous operation.
5.Programmable via PC, you are able to customize the feature of each radio.


2. Feature:
VOX function: Don’t need press PTT, then can communicate.
Scan function
DCS encrypt
Busy Channel lockout(BCL)
Adjust squelch level
Time-out timer (TOT)
Battery save
Voice companding function

3. The RT27 USA License-free Walkie-Talkie frequency range: 462.5500MHz-467.7125MHz, mean you can use the radio at this range no need to hold one license. BUY&PLAY.


4. RT27 USA License-free Walkie-Talkie have passed FCC certificate authentication.


5.RT27 quality is better than H777, applicable to a variety of environments like: Hotel, Warehouse, Construction site, Public security, small retail and other settings that do not require wide area coverage or advanced features.



In a word, RT27 is one Economical and Practical business License-free Walkie-Talkie.



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