Retevis RT29 two-way radio

Retevis RT29 two-way radio——For newbies!

1, Walkie-talkie user rules

Using a walkie-talkie requires you to apply for a frequency spectrum, and if you don’t obey the rules, you will be fined or in jail! About this, we suggest you choose one license-free radio, because of its small power and fewer frequency points. But if you want to learn more about the radio. You can get a personal amateur radio license. In principle, the use of any walkie-talkie transmission requires a radio authority. Amateur stations and other uses shall be governed by the laws of the radio authorities of each country.

2, Buying digital or analog?

We recommend you choose an analog one. The analog walkie-talkie is still popular nowadays. On the one hand, many users think analog radio is more fluent in use. Second is also the most important, the price of the digital walkie-talkie is expensive, so having analog radio will help you save a lot of money!

3.The more functions on the walkie-talkie, the better?

Walkie-talkies are communication tools. Its main purpose is to improve the efficiency of communication and information transmission. The more functions on the radio, the harder it will be. Even the most basic and simple walkie-talkie, you need to know how to program it. If you just need to contact with family, neighbors, and friends, you can use a walkie-talkie without a screen, because there are not many functions on it! For complex walkie-talkies, amateur radio players would like it more!

Retevis RT29 two-way radio
Retevis RT29 two-way radio

For Retevis RT29, it is a radio very sample for a beginner with many features:

Long standby time

IP67 waterproof

Sturdy material and cool style

High-capacity battery

And so on…

With Retevis RT29 in your hand, you will feel easy to learn many things about it. Also, it gives you a better user experience!

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