IP67 waterproof dmr radio retevis RT50

Retevis RT50 -IP67 Waterproof DMR Radio!

Retevis RT50, the IP67 Waterproof DMR radio. It is the commercial DMR radio. Also if you want to use it as the entry-amateur radio, this model also will be your better choice.

Let’s learn more about this IP67 waterproof radio RT50:

1, No screen but has a hidden display

Our RT50 use the Digital tube character, offer the display when you use your radio, it will help you to check the radio statu.

For digital mode: it will shows the channel number, the DMR mode, the battery power. Check the picture:

retevis RT51 in digital mode
retevis RT51 in digital mode

For analog mode: It will shows the channel number and battery power. Check the picture:

2, 198 channels with 2 zones. Simple to operate and use.

Not like the amateur radios, you need to study the skills on how to use the radio, this RT50 with enough channels for commercial use, will not waste the channel resource, and will find the target channel easily.

Retevis has 2 zones, each zone can save 99 channels, totally 198 channels.

3, Can connect with the repeater.

Large workplaces need a wider range of communication. Such as the High-rise hotels, Farm and Ranch, you need to build a repeater to extend your communication range. So you need to choose the handheld radios that can work with the repeater.

Retevis RT50 can work with the repeater no matter in digital mode or analog mode. For digital mode, it has two-time slots, can work with the digital repeater.

4, IP67 waterproof function

Retevis RT50 has the rugged sturdy design, IP67 Waterproof DMR radio, fit for outdoor work in the rain, outdoor event, and outdoor activities like hiking, camping……

5, On ground alarm function.

This function is like the Man Down function, it is the emergency alarm function, it is using a tilt-switch (special motion sensors) in the radio to activate the alarm.

If you want to use this function, please go to software to program it. when your RT50 radio is positioned in a different angle than usual, the alarm will ring.

This IP67 Waterproof DMR radio also have more functions, if you want to know more, please check this video:

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