Life-Saving Floating Handheld VHF Marine Radio Retevis RT55

Retevis RT55—— your great company in water sports!


Water sports must be the most interesting thing to keep us cool and excited! A Retevis RT55 in hand will make you feel more safe and convenient!

We can go fishing, swimming, camping along the water and so on!  There is a lot of fun when we have water sports! When we do water sports, necessities are very important for you such as a life jacket, sun cream, sunglasses, whistle, diving shoes, and professional clothes! And when the phone signal is bad, a walkie-talkie is very necessary for you to keep in touch with your friends. And here are some tips for you when choosing a walkie-talkie for water sports!

1:Waterproof or not?

We need a device that is not afraid of water. When the radio fell into the water, you will not worry about the device not working! If you have a radio that is not waterproof, you need to be careful and don’t let the radio get into the water!


For the frequency, because the kayaking is in the natural area. we recommend you choose a better V section of the radio, the penetration of the V section of the radio is much better than the U section.

Life Saving Floating Handheld VHF Marine Radio Retevis RT55
Life-Saving Floating Handheld VHF Marine Radio Retevis RT55

Retevis RT55 is a great choice for you!

RT55 does not only have an IP67 waterproof function, but it also can float in the water, so when your radio fell into the water, you can pick them up as soon as possible! Except this, the output power is 1w to 5w, so you can choose the transmitting power according to your needs! And the power higher, the transmitting range will get larger!

Also, there are many surprises on Retevis RT55 waiting for you, and what are you waiting for ???

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