New Arrival! Retevis RT55 Buoyant Marine Radio

New Arrival! Retevis RT55 Buoyant Marine Radio

Do you worry about your radio accidentally dropped over the sea? Maybe you would lose a valuable piece of equipment When you have an this accident on a boat.

Today we released our first float radio RT55, and it is dedicated to Marine use.

1.The frequencies of RT55:

We all konw that Marine VHF radio refers to the radio frequency range between 156 and 174 MHz.
The “VHF” signifies the very high frequency of the range. The Frequencies of Retevis RT55 is included in this range.

The Frequency of it is:



2.Large LCD display screens:

A large LCD, with back-lighting, displays channel numbers, vox, CTCSS/DCS, power indicator and signal strength.
The generously sized keypad is also backlit, and you can see See the key clearly even if the night.

3.Quick access CH16/CH9:

CH16 is a International common rescue channel,CH9 is a Ships listening and calling channels, which is used for docking/guiding.

You can short press C16 for CH16, Long press C16 Switch to CH9.

4.Vibration water draining function

If your radio Falling overboard, after pulling it from the water, you can press “scan” and “HL”at the same time,

a low beep tone sound for 9 seconds to drain water.

5.NOAA weather channels:

RT55 have 10 pre-programmed weather channels. It can detect a weather alarm tone in selected weather channels in receive and scan mode.

6.IP67 waterproof:

It can be put in one meter of water for more than 30 minutes, and keep inside and outside intact.

7.Channels collected:

Press “Tag” and “up”(down) to Browse favorite channels; Long press “Tag” to collect or canceled;
Press the “power” and “tag” at the same time to cancel all collections.

Today we just talk 7 features of Marine Radio. If you want to know more about walkie talkie, Please Follow us on twitter:

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