Retevis RT71, the New digital DMR radio

Retevis RT71 digital DMR radio is coming! It is a new model, with the digital & analog mode two way radio,  the UHF band 400-480mhz. Let’s check more about this DMR RT71.

It has 6 keys on its keypad, and on the left side, with the PTT button and two side-keys.

Know about RT71:

1, Channels: It can save up to  1024 channels.

2, Output power: High with 5w and Low with 1w.

3, Frequency range: UHF 400-480MHZ.

4, Battery power: Li-ion DC7.4V 1700mAh

5, High sound quality: Use the advanced AMBE +2TM voice processing technology to achieve higher quality.

6, CTCSS/DCS: 50 group CTCSS codes and 210 groups Standard DCS codes, support the Non-standard CTCSS/DCS codes.

7, Double time slot: can support repeater mode.

8, With Display and function buttons.

Where to use this DMR radio RT71?

Now lots of hams used the DMR radio for their hobby, but I think, the DMR will take the lead in both the commercial business & private two way radio field as well as in ham radio.

Even though there are lots of businessman still use the analog mode radio, but as the communication requirements rise, lots of businessman want to find a better way to imporve their communication.

So they will use the DMR radio, because of:

1, DMR offers some very flexible calling facilities. You can call a person, a group, or anyone in your team.

2, Increased the spectrum utilization.

3, DMR radio can send data and short messages.

4, With the High sound quality, much better than the analog mode.

5, With the Further communication range.

Now Retevis has lots of DMR digital radio on sale, if you have interested, you can visit here:


And for this Retevis RT71 DMR radio, now it is on the presell, to be the first one to get this new model here:

Later, we will have more blogs about this model! If any you want to get from us, you can leave message, we will update our blog soon!


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10 thoughts on “Retevis RT71, the New digital DMR radio”

  1. Boykin Roseborough

    Why has the RT71 been removed from the Retevis web page. I have one ordered.

    1. we are so sorry, we are no longer selling the model RT71, but if you have any questions about this model, please contact us, we will help you!

      1. stephan krajicek

        What is the RT71 being replaced with if you are no longer selling it? I liked the power and small size. Any reason why you are not selling anymore? Quality issues? I have one and the transmitted audi0 sounds all distorted. thanks.

    1. Hi our Retevis fans,
      For international transportation, due to the limitation, pure batteries cannot be issued, so we do not provide a separate battery on our listings.
      And now some countries have the way to ship the pure battery, but the shipping cost is very high. So usually we will suggest the customers to order a cheap radio with the battery he want.

      Please understand!
      Best regards

  2. Fred Larrick

    I have the RT71 and love it. Are there any firmware updates? Has it officially been discontinued? If so, is it being replaced by another model?

    1. Hi, thanks very much!
      We are so sorry that We had stopped selling this model, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

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