Retevis RT85 Entry Level Amateur Radio

Retevis RT85 is an entry level amateur Radio!

For a beginner, an analog radio without a  screen seems too simple for them to learn. Just make two radio frequencies, CTCSS the same then you can communicate with others. It doesn’t have many challenges. So if you want to learn more, Retevis RT85 is very suitable for you!

Retevis RT85 Entry Level Amateur Radio
Retevis RT85 Entry Level Amateur Radio

Retevis RT85 has a DOT-MATRIX LCD display, compared with other models, the display is clearer, you can find its improvements!

Rt85 has Dual-band, dual display, dual standby function, so you can do many setups on the radio and learn how to switch the band and change the frequencies!

And RT85 has a new innovation on the lock, you can you lock the PTT button, keyboard, channels respectively! So when you want to talk to someone, just lock the channel, you can avoid the wrong touch. Also, you can lock the keyboard!

For the most important function: In VFO Mode, you can write the frequency manually, many friends found trouble in connecting to the repeater. If you want to connect to the repeater, you need to get the information about the repeater information, you can gain the information through local radio association! Also, here is a video of how to use Retevis RT85 connect to the repeater:

If you have any questions about our product, please email us: or leave messages below. Retevis reserves the right of final explanation.


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4 thoughts on “Retevis RT85 is an entry level amateur Radio!”

  1. where can I find the programming software for this radio that I am starting to think I wasted 113 bucks on

  2. How do you enter VFO mode on the radio? It starts as channel mode and not clear in manual

    1. the display need to show the MR mode or frequency mode. Press menu, choose the Diplay mode( menu 33), choose MR or Freq. Then press confirm, then go to the home page, press the button # radio button( short press), it will enter into the VFO mode, please have a try

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