Retevis Single Frequency Repeater

Retevis Single Frequency Repeater——Out Blind Area

This device can be used as a repeater, Retevis Single frequency repeater has the same transmitting and receiving frequency. Different slot;  it can receive on slot 1 and transmit on slot 2 at the same time. Then it can have a forwarding function.

Retevis Single Frequency Repeater
Retevis Single Frequency Repeater RT74


  • Under direct mode, Single Frequency Repeater can enlarge the range of the signal, especially for the blocked and isolated zones, blind zones, and blind zones, such as underground, semi-underground market, basements, air-raid shelter, tunnels, factories, back of the mountains, and some places walkie-talkie signals are hard to reach.
  • Save frequency resource, just one frequency can build a repeater network!

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